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Thread: Lyrical FLEX (Finish Wit Da Word) CYPHA 'NEW'

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    Default Untested Blade

    my mind's blade reflects the sun's shade
    while some say nothin, bums
    conductin they slum trade, frontin
    slumberin in my blunt tray,
    them paid proclaims the first day of duck seazon
    if I'm up and breathin, my pump's speakin
    leavin chumps bleedin, slumped
    over they truck's speakers
    ya man's pumped up, heated
    i crushed your team so easily
    crumbled leaves smoked by pharoahs
    5 rings,
    enemies throw up paper tigers and scarecrows
    but I'm prepared though
    without havin to consult the cards of tarot

    next word: consequences

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    hear me up, bro,
    Here no more, even there
    I saw, I knew there's no
    fight to head for, no sign - keep 'em fine for my go.
    Back's so tired over the spine.
    Deeds are runnin' conscience of mine...
    Look .
    Speak, but they won't leap
    Ya neck, won't sleet
    And the Blood won't leak,
    The pain - It'll leave.
    What they seek -
    It'll come.
    Just run till the sun,
    My friend, reason why so frenzy is...
    Ain't bark at ya cause they're consequences.

    next werd: narrator
    Fucking funny hat I wear, I didn't bought It I swear!

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    ☀☀☀☀☀☀☀☀☀☀ KERZO's Avatar
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    Fermex has arrived
    Wolves beat on ma mind
    I outshine the rest
    Now, get back in line
    The abstract kind
    Is what i try to find
    but cats cant work out my kung fu style
    But ya'll catch me later
    I'm the god piece creator
    the greater of good
    from the later translator
    but your indecipherable so go and get a translator
    while i bust out my flow, now listen to the narrator

    N/W - magpie

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    have what I have?
    two chopsticks, baby, just It
    no rice to slick up, baby, not even it
    when I was a child life was promising one
    but now I am older - days swallow like pits
    only two chopsticks in a moment of this
    why the hell two, not even more?
    god, what's happened before?
    and fuck that today is tomorrow, yesterday,
    now, at the moment It swallows
    everything reaches, decreases in numbers,
    follows the order
    homosapiens die, live and spread out in corners
    but everything they have is sorrow and boners
    eatin' - chopsticks - instruments coroner's
    closin' the eye, makin' excuses
    everything fails, life is for losers
    get high - the only true lie
    get smile on ya ground face - pile
    who am I? junkie? fuck that - a bird high in the sky, in the trees
    just another dark piece, just another magpie

    catch dis suckaz: curriculum
    Fucking funny hat I wear, I didn't bought It I swear!

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    ☀☀☀☀☀☀☀☀☀☀ KERZO's Avatar
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    ayo jay cross, who's da boss, double cross,
    Never loss my train of thought
    We all stand, cock the right hand
    throwing Mic's all across the scorched land
    People fail to understand my lick's
    But I never quit spitting these rhymes out
    No doubt ya'll find something to shout about
    shit here's something to use for your arsenal
    I send lyrical parcel's that your mans try to sell as their own
    And I've constantly shown, that my vigour is bigger than ma main man bone
    So why dont you just phone home to mummy
    Real rappers don't fray, incomplete comments dont weigh
    now hows about you go and stick that on your curriculum vitae

    next worded weapon - shawshank redemption

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    The devil mourned the day i was born
    Torture my rivals on the norm with crowns of thorns
    Flash torn, the victims rich kids on college dorms
    Perform fatal rap forms, raise my flag then storm
    Retire and collect my pension, my shaw-shank deadly in the redemption

    Last edited by Mantra; 12-07-2007 at 11:42 AM.

    My evidence, my own testament, written on wood
    Twelve tribes layin at the head of corners in hoods
    Hell razah

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    Damn! <- thy werd
    Fucking funny hat I wear, I didn't bought It I swear!

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    flamin bones in a hata's midst
    my eighth is chrome
    what u sayin kid?
    b4 i escape, pull aim and spit
    catch a faceful of grits
    play in court with chumps
    my left hand supports the pump
    while u sportin pumps
    i blast pork punks to bacon bits
    let u know whose place this is
    tools in ya face, taste the tip
    go ahead and pray to this
    as my lead engraves satan's playlist to the side of ya head

    next up: rubber gloves

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    ☀☀☀☀☀☀☀☀☀☀ KERZO's Avatar
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    2 Rap crude dudes, We never feud,
    I only include the rhymes that you screwed
    Up, and out, you'll bring doubts
    But i repel them like a tank armour, but more hardcore
    I have a surreal rapstyle, for which you never planned
    I spread out equality all across the land
    My rapstyle appeals so much i even steal all ya fans
    So i wear rubber gloves to get no blood on ma hands

    N/W - Butterfly

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    life type gutter
    strike like thunder to the blind
    my style like no others

    times i wonder
    when will i ever reach prime
    seems I just get better

    or they get dumber
    or they just writing for they time
    and my minds light years from it

    wise and impactful
    fortified funk for the masses
    hope for the struggling classes
    a light sent from another planet
    absorbed by third eyes and life forms that found it
    a cavemans candle
    and butterfly to the damsel


    new word = genesis

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    At first dark, then light sparks
    Hark, the calling angels from all angels
    Mangled Earth, bursts forth into worth
    Dirt and mud, worked with blood
    Create Man to stand, bipedal
    But first fetal, seed'll green
    Rocky terrain, water strains
    And erupts, from top soil
    Combined with heat, makes life boil
    Toil with no end to this, call it Royal Genesis

    n/w: bicycle

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    ☀☀☀☀☀☀☀☀☀☀ KERZO's Avatar
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    Default ayo...

    I make MC's go blind with my style that shines
    So bright and unlined, ya'll get entwined
    I define my tactics, like russian asthmatics
    Starting all types of shit, all sorts of conflicts
    'Whats this' you ask, it be my brownie mix
    That makes ya flip, mental thoughts evil minds depicts
    Johnny B way out far cos he lives in the sticks
    But he'll be back soon, so lock up yer kids
    But that subjects taboo, and i gotta pursue
    To piss ya'll off and make ya say thank-you
    Cos you see what i do, styles made up like new
    Rhymes you aint seen before, so dont make much ado
    But i come at ya like tyson, vocal charm's the tool
    I'll freeze ya like an icicle while your out riding yer bicycle fool

    N/W - paper aeroplane

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    as outside these walls, snow falls
    christmas calls, good parents hit the mall
    get on the ball not by buying draws
    the kids want that wii machine above all
    i recall when i was but a wee boy
    get geek when i would see toys
    on tv like look mommy thats what id enjoy
    if you get it ill eat all my spinach
    call up my room, wash all the dishes
    i never believed in st nicholas
    i knew ma dukes was source for presents
    in catalogs next to the turtles it was checks and
    i wasnt joshin' every page i inspected
    made sure i was aware of every accessory
    the niggaz at school wasnt besting me
    but in the end had egg on me
    d.e.c. 25th jump outta bed
    ripped thru the wrapping paper, not a glance at the tag
    plain brown box, wonder what i got
    yanked the lid off......sox?
    yeah its from your aunt, why you looking ungrateful?
    next time you see her you better tell her thank you
    will do, what you got for me next?
    mom darted her eyes side to side, said thats it
    money real tight since i aint been right
    promise you that your birthday will be nice
    but heres a card from the prison yard you dad took the time to write
    im lookin like
    dis some bullshit, cursing jesus name
    winter break over everybody outside playing
    with they new g.i. joes, tiger lcd games
    and im folding up paper aeroplanes

    n/w= mods
    Last edited by murkoutz; 12-16-2007 at 02:15 PM.
    "abashed the devil stood and felt how awful goodness is"

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    Lightbulb damn

    Magnified wax heat mastered this last week
    Blueberry sparked up all leaf no seed
    Planned it like a plant fertile future
    My hands smell just like a gramma that koopa
    I smoke then im zoned cloud nine constellation
    Orions belt high but I bet I still blaze it
    Leatherback keep a pocket fulla purple tree
    Crushed in a blunt laced proper for a g
    Plush leather seat sit back space travel
    Slumped in my being dmt in my satchel
    herbals make the suns mind demonstrate its pain
    prehistoric plant life flowing through my veins
    Pray to god weigh the odds fire up my ship
    Say my peace to the matrix then I dip
    Know I’m the shhhhh
    But I also am peace so I’m peaceful to all up to a wise degree
    The Art of a G and apart the game pimpin pardon my ways Ima civilized being
    The odds and positives
    Peace and nonsense and dogs with prodigious
    Schemes they gotta live
    Mods just lock this screams the obvious beast In my mix – the ciphers hot don’t stop shit

    New word – meditate

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    Live from the temple...Lost Sun, the god lick shots like nipples...
    my mentor groomed my mentals...in his memory I let the earth sip the ripple...
    he told me fu*k the physical...he longed to be one with the ice crystals...
    dont fear a coward's pistol...beware of life's missiles...
    no longer death...its the Great Escape when your soul levitates....
    so with that said...of the green I partake, lay back and meditate....

    new word: Venom
    SyNergiZed ELeMenTZ....Hey kids....can you say ill?....
    **AAO Familia**
    .::.Subliminal Hypnotics.::.



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