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Thread: Lyrical FLEX (Finish Wit Da Word) CYPHA 'NEW'

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    Right now Im the last in a long line of assassins with passion
    Dedicated to the heart of the art not the spotlight or fashion
    Watch the Sun throw uppercuts at the darkside of the city
    Where the gun blows,suckers fuck under parklights,it aint pretty
    The mood change,my frame strays to minimise the friction
    If the foods plain my brain stays in critical condition
    Running round in circles but expect the unexpected
    Check the neck,it stays protected but the rest remain infected
    I am legend,written in scripture,kick down heaven
    I'll rip a snake out of his skin and get drunk off the venom....

    New word=Parasite

    ....Even a Great Teacher must learn from his Best Student....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lost Sun View Post
    he told me fu*k the physical...
    I think your the first person who censor's their own cuss words on here....aaawwww,lmao

    Oh and i just noticed that you have been a member since dec 03 and you have only made seven posts...hahaha thats funny

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    I'm ol' school like free-bassing, and bell bottoms
    Master of martians in the spaceship pop-locking
    Glock-cocking when i hear sounds of door knocking
    Addict of mic rocking , like fiends with the rock
    Rip out the spleen of a cop, rushing spots for props
    ducks duck or else i buck em down on the block
    Buckshots to their knots, followed by karate chops
    Dropping cosmic slop, it's going down like a dime on my cock
    I'm foul but the opposite of a chicken
    Boning wisdoms in slaughterhouses, i'm sickening
    Nothing glamarous when i bust, and combust
    Heavens terror returning angels to dust
    as i adjust and trust in my uppercuts
    I'll die precise as others bite like a parasite

    next word: uncharted

    My evidence, my own testament, written on wood
    Twelve tribes layin at the head of corners in hoods
    Hell razah

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    Behold the Lost Sun...possessing purple hearts and iron lungs...
    Orchestrator of death...my firearms play Brian's Song...
    foes never see it coming like the last scene of The Departed...
    then I disappear like the fog into waters uncharted...

    next word= infection
    SyNergiZed ELeMenTZ....Hey kids....can you say ill?....
    **AAO Familia**
    .::.Subliminal Hypnotics.::.



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    you've given me the direction
    i won't ask your intentions
    despite the detentions
    teacher knows your reflections
    keeping it in contention
    to split apart the dimension
    and cure the correction
    for these false infections

    next word: lime

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    y u playin where the lions prey?
    calculate, ur section's ate
    wet my blade on chestplates
    chess play whet's my blade
    cess blazed bless my brain
    chest aches unless I train
    etch-a-sketch lime spray...

    next weapon: empty page
    weep for lost babylon,
    the bleeding god, the forgotten sheep slaughtered in a forest of evil fog
    bordered by a sea of faults,
    fleeing mobs turn to see the holocaust and become kings and queens of salt
    screaming shots, police and chalk,
    wingless fallen demons walking among us as people...


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    Murderous thoughts remain intact//
    Feel the impact, of a black devil drunk of a ten~pack//
    Sin~racks, high up on my favorite thangs~to~do//
    Might as well give up hope, cuz tha fat bitch just sang~to~you//
    I'm from a city, where you can get ya ass beat cuz niggas want~ya~jersey//
    Yes me PD tha undisputed king of controversy//
    I'm tryna live foreva & not go out at Pimp~C~age//
    But i kno i'll be killed by an ex who i left in an empty~rage//

    Next word: Dirty

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    Default Wu!

    Im really feeling the last few verses posted on here by the likes of JTS, Koolish, 5kutSkeleton and PD..well on with the dissin....hahaha

    Ayo it's not empty rage, It's empty page
    Which is all ya have cos ya got nothing to say
    With any interest, Rhymes make elton john look straight
    But my rap style sways back and forth all day
    Insight, ya might find, but it's alright if ya can't
    Your mind is so small only preceded by an ant
    So i stamp on ya and make ya go all bloody
    I wouldnt touch yer girl cos the bitch is too dirty

    next word - Zulu
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    Military Infantry For God Given Infection

    Peep The Lesson, Singod Splits Your Mid Section

    Im Mic Checkin With Mummies In Sacred Pyramids

    I Left Them Stumped When I Break Down Acronyms

    Drowned In Sin But Will Always Win

    Spit Yall Out Like New Food Leave People Starved Like Chaka Zulu

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    whats the next word singodsuperior?

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    O Damn, My Bad Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm..............the Next Word Is "anti-virus"

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    I swiftly swing swords, precisely slice necks//
    Sick with the blade, you lucky you ain't died yet//
    I might get the mic set and have your ego crushed//
    Fight like Spartacus when these evil people bust//
    Spit a lethal cuss, kill em all with three fucks//
    Assasin for hire, my eyes only see bucks//
    Stackin bodies up thats eyeless, i slice iris//
    Sick murder, doctors can't find the anti-virus//

    Next Word: villainy

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    let's set the story without an environment
    just let your mind be the requirement
    as we sift into a world unknown
    from those of poorest luck to those on the throne
    raised a boy to be righteous and nicest
    he found this way seemed a bit too lifeless
    and at the coming of age opening a page
    of a book in a nook from around the way
    revealed to him much more than ever
    his life could define, or persever
    who would think that written word
    would unlock history so disturbed
    he absorbed it all, and after a day
    said no goodbyes and left to lay
    in the coziest patch of grass around
    forty five miles outside of town
    when he reached there, not alone
    the vilest fool he once had known
    waited for him for this day
    and the battle began to waste away...
    the next morn before dawn broke
    the fool soon shamelessly spoke
    as blood splattered round his sides
    the last words broke from the inside
    "you are evil, for you have done the killin
    How hilarious the hero has become the villain!"

    next word: choke

    edit: shit i forgot the word was villainy not villain

    many years have lingered in memories
    which growing more blurred send to me
    that which builds up the now
    the past is what defines the how
    the why is unknown, few who do
    keep the words and choose not to
    let you know what could be
    their silence is none less than villainy!

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    the immortal's breath frozen on the heart of the savage
    pitch blackness my rimes formed for the havoc
    decimate all opposition wit the madness
    i uplift spirits the divine lord status
    pour acid into the eyes of the jealous
    overzealous, get the worst pain man can relish
    u helpless from the epitaph that sleep wrote
    wolve in sheeps cloak makin even thieves choke

    next word: ominous

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    lyrical mastery multi syllable
    sword making everybody gullible
    turn your shit into rubble on the double
    sin causing trouble the one who mumbles will stumble
    gift illuminous im just giving out justice i does this
    refiined mist within dis its ludacris
    gutting all you fish with similes predominantly ominous

    next word: psychosis

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