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Thread: THE STRECKER MEMORANDUM (how Aids was man made, Full Video)

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    Default THE STRECKER MEMORANDUM (how Aids was man made, Full Video)

    your going to learn so much stuff about AIDS in this video its crazy, your going to learn about the Aid's virus structures and how much you have been lied to about the disease.

    What if someone told you EVERY SINGLE THING YOU KNOW ABOUT AIDS IS WRONG!!!!! from how it spreads, how u can get it from saliva, how a mosquito can give you aids, how it will never be cured and how condoms dont do shit protecting you from it ect...... Well here is that someone who gives you a SCIENTIFIC EXPLANATION!

    9000 (to the 4th power) = different types of HIV.

    warning this video is dry, and is in bad quality but the quality does not matter, only the content, it is a straight lecture! no joke this is not a documentary but a straight lecture on the history & future of AIDS.

    The Strecker Memorandom ( 1988 )

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    Default Total Crappolla!


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    this is the video guys it explaines how aids is man made, if u know anything bout basic biology and can understand what he is explaining then its fucking clear as day, if u dont know shit bout basic biology then you wont understand this video plane and simple.

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