wu confessions.... post any confessions about anything thats got to do wit the Wu.

me personally..... i got a few.

for one, i sincerly dont like u-god. i think hes wack. altho ive been branded a trader by many for this, im still holdin my ground.
i think hes wack. he cant rhyme for shit in my opinion... i figure its like this. wu as a crew were all down since day one and shit... so when they put it down and started flowing... baby u was that cat that couldnt spit for shit, but he was always down wit the crew so it was like he hadda be apart of that shit. i dunno.. just how i see it.
that should trade that fool for la the darkman or somthin... lol!!!!

another corny one... i gotta bad habit of drawing the Wu logo everywhere. i be writing that shit on my notes. on my calender at work.. everywhere all the time.. habit i guess... its just so damn dope!

i had a dream about RZA awhile back... it was mad weird. i calle d that dude up on the phone and we started rappin and shit.. then someone was callin me so i told RZA to hold on and he was like "word god"... lol. so i went off to see what was up and i was gone for a long fuckin time.. dreamin bout some weird ass shit. then like 2 hours later i remember i had the RZA on hold so went back to the phone and that dude was still there rappin to himself and shit. i was like yo my bad and he was like "true true... thats cool"!!!

got any.....?