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Thread: Americans know more about the Simpsons than...

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    Default Americans know more about the Simpsons than...

    Patriot Act Passes, Few Americans Notice. Now that the Patriot Act, otherwise known as the Police State Act, has passed hands down, with nary a bleat of protestation on the part of our cowed and bought-off Congress critter-whores, we can expect the Straussian neocons to be emboldened to further carve up the Bill of Rights, slathering barbeque sauce on large sections, and roasting the document wholesale. In fact, thanks to the NSA’s vacuum cleaner approach to snooping at the very portals of the electronic communication grid—with enthusiastic telecom participation—the Bill of Rights is more or less a dead letter, little more than a “g.d. piece of paper,” as our court appointed ruler declared a few weeks ago with little corporate media commentary..... http://kurtnimmo.com/?p=258

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    Default Scum-sucking traitors to their country

    The next time some loudmouth partisan puke Democrat gets in my face and starts yapping about how much better things would be if his party were running things in Washington, I'm going to pull out the vote tally sheet for the USA Patriot Act in Thursday's Senate session and ram it down his lying throat. Where was his party when it came time to stand up and take a stand for freedom in this country? Hiding like a coward, that's where. Only nine Democrats and one independent - former Republican Jim Jeffords - had guts enough to vote against reauthorizing the fascist piece of crap called the USA Patriot Act. http://www.capitolhillblue.com/blog/...epublican.html

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    LOL, Who said that our congressmen are there to serve the ppl? LMAO! They are there to serve the Corporations that put him there and just that.

    Isn't it sad how corporations choose who's going to be President etc?

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    Entertainment is valued over knowledge. It is easier to entertain than to obtain useful knowledge.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tectrus Moa View Post
    Entertainment is valued over knowledge. It is easier to entertain than to obtain useful knowledge.
    this is true. man.

    the fact is humanity is capable of despicable things in attempt to preserve their way of life. so as much as i might enjoy artists like lil wayne, drake, kanye west, eminem, pusha t, asap etc its difficult not to believe that they are at this point in time employed merely as puppets to soak up peoples idle thoughts.

    i wonder if big artists like that realize whats going on. the music industry, entertainment in general will cash in whatever artistic trend is going on. and so little of it asks its audience to look outside of themselves at whats really happening in the world. its 99% self absorbed insular musicians, most of whom have no understanding of art or real poetry idly writing diary entries. look at jay-zs whole attitude to music, and thats an icon now. hes a hero to the world and all he expouses is being gleefully part of the establishment.

    i think kanye was actually saying some profound shit whether he knows it or not. he is a god, only all gods are false. they're all distractions used to control people and fill their heads with nonsense.

    look at the way fashion is a big part of music now. why? theres no connection whatsoever between the two things other than the fact that in general both industries are vain and utterly meaningless. you know why the fashion is there? so that you're easier to identify as a demographic that they can push their shit on.

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