I flew from Sweden to Berlin to see the Inspectah. Booked a hotel and everything. Finds the fucked up venue that was placed behind a scary muthafucking church (yall seen "An american werewolf in paris?"). Sits there for like 3 hours INS comes his DJ goes to the "stage" then after like 15 min an angry german comes to the "stage" and screams something on greman. I don't know a word of what he says. Then i ask one of the few germans that actually speaks english and he says that Deck left.
I ask the angry german and he says the Deck and his friends stole the money and went to their hotel.
Later i finds out that the promoter stole some of the money from Deck and that they took what was left and went away.
So i it wasn't Decks fault.
But i sure as hell want to meet that fucker that fucked the concert up in a dark alley and fuck him up with a baseball bat or something.