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Thread: Supreme Mathmatics Vs. Empirical Math

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    the world needs more stephen hawking like it needs a hole in the head

    'its not for us to know'
    dont cry when you find out

    its all love

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    spiral out
    keep spinnin
    your mother's dick

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    Quote Originally Posted by Decipha Born
    Show and prove that supreme mathematics is not exercised through observation and scientific conclusions. In fact you would have to study such a field in order to dismiss it.

    philosophy is search of wisdom.
    The advancment of technology is an understanding of wisdom which creates a new idea or invention.
    For example.
    A fool(opposed to being wise) cannot build a satelite.

    But a fool will misuse it according to a universal truth which creates an objective for a common cause.....looking at me.

    This is really a debate between natural mind and technology.

    Some have the ability to manipulate technological invettions with powerful thought, infact with supereme mathematics some are studying this and will advance.

    Ra nefer amen made a note of how western thought builds things while eastern thought builds people.

    Then this becomes of debate between Black science and white sceince.

    Philosophy was needed to create technology.

    Empiracal math is and attribute of supreme math.......


    Co - sign^^...Perfectly put, Born...as always.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SlightlySlightedFan
    That I learned the uncertainty principle in high school.
    And please don't say,
    that I went to a good high school.
    Because I didn't.
    My school was for people who were kicked out of real high schools.
    I just had,
    an extremely good physics teacher.
    is this the autobiography thread?

    What I didn't learn in high school.
    What I guess I always knew.
    Was that something like god,
    Is simply too complex to express in simple mathmatic terms.
    And that all that people can ever learn of god.
    Is another person's interpretation of such.
    Which doesn't scratch the surface.

    I think.
    It is you that should study.
    all day every day

    Things like repeating patterns and sequences.
    That exist everywhere around you.
    Stephen Hawking maybe.
    Maybe Newton, who you will find.
    Was brilliant.
    But what nobody knew until recently was,
    that Newton spent his life chasing down god.
    And found nothing.
    It's not for us to know.
    As far as black and white science.
    It's not an issue.
    Not with science.
    Science is impersonal.
    And universal.
    your ability to name the names of scientists is impressive

    so are your zen 101 interpretations
    your mother's dick

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