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Thread: Wounded Knee Massacre

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    Default Wounded Knee Massacre

    December 29, 1890 estimated over 300 men, women, and children were massacred at Wounded Knee, South Dakota, on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. The calvary was disarming the natives that came to pine ridge to surrender. One gun shot was fired off. It is unclear who fired the first shot, but a massacre insued.......the U.S. soldiers killed everyone they could--women carrying babies, children, elderly, and unarmed men.

    The soldiers had been drinking, interrogating the indians, asking who among them was in the Battle of Little Big Horn. It's siad that the soldiers wanted revenge for the loss that battle and the death General Custer. There are accounts that the soldiers chased the indians shouting "remember the battle of little big horn". The soldiers chased the fleeing natives up to 5 miles away in ravines where they shot them. There are accounts where soldiers would call out to the young native boys to come out of their hiding places and they wouldn't be killed, and those who came out were surrounded and butchered. Other accounts of women running with their babies strapped to their backs, and soldiers shooting through the babies to kill the women. There is one account where a woman was killed holding her baby, and the baby was nursing on his dead mother when the body was found.

    New years day 1891-
    After the massacre, there was a blizzard, soldiers returned after the blizzard to bury the frozen bodies dug from deep snow. Natives that didn't die from the gunfire, froze to death in the snow.

    The mass grave at wounded knee holds about 150 bodies. Less then half of the bodies slain that day.

    Hotchkiss Cannons positioned for Cross fire, and 500 well-armed Calvary men surrounded the camp.
    The official reports says the natives were wild and crazy, killing each other in the cross fire. The soldiers of the 7th calvary were given Congressional Medals of Honor.
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