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Thread: Getting something into the media section

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    Default Getting something into the media section

    How would I go about getting Wu tracks up in there?

    Let me know and I will send the files over to you whoever is running the show.

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    Default Re: Getting something into the media section

    Members cant, thats just for admins and mods. Members can do it in the "The OFFICIAL Wu-Tang Clan Audio section ", right here: http://www.wutangcorp.com/showthread.php?t=142


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    Default Re: Getting something into the media section

    yo i brought this thread back alive cuz i think the admins,rza whoever should give us a couple exlusive tracks...u know like a taste of cuban linx 2 or a new ghost track or a proof that mef still got it by putting like one new track from his upcoming album on the media section

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