SEC. 4. And be it further enacted, That the commissioner, under the direction of the President, shall have authority to set apart, for the use of loyal refugees and freedmen, such tracts of land within the insurrectionary states as shall have been abandoned, or to which the United States shall have acquired title by confiscation or sale, or otherwise, and to every male citizen, whether refugee or freedman, as aforesaid, there shall be assigned not more than forty acres of such land, and the person to whom it was so assigned shall be protected in the use and enjoyment of the land for the term of three years at an annual rent not exceeding six per centum upon the value of such land, as it was appraised by the state authorities in the year eighteen hundred and sixty, for the purpose of taxation, and in case no such appraisal can be found, then the rental shall be based upon the estimated value of the land in said year, to be ascertained in such manner as the commissioner may by regulation prescribe. At the end of said term, or at any time during said term, the occupants of any parcels so assigned may purchase the land and receive such title thereto as the United States can convey, upon paying therefor the value of the land, as ascertained and fixed for the purpose of determining the annual rent aforesaid.

taken from the frredman's bureau act of march 3, 1865.

the freedman's bureau was established to intergrate the slaves but instead left them at the mercy of the angry whites for still in the south on the borrowed land then you add education to a system upon which the black was an animal to be controlled. no freedom and no education for the displaced whites were not just to let it go after losing not only theuy livelihood but the way to their liveliness. and the highlighted part shows that the blacks were not free if they had to pay rent on land that was to be givven over. this bureau was under the guise of the department of war for they had no body of people to handle/control the situation after the civil war then guide the blacks into the society as productive society. but put back as share croppers to pay for the land and no trade except the farm not withstanding the psychological damage from the impacting of willie lynch and you can see that they were second to the land of the south that was acquired after the war. it seems that the rent was paid for representation yet blacks had no knowledge of the system except either free or a slave. never had a chance from the get go after slavery still landless that was the lost put into the wilderness. can't trust it.