In the mid 1960s-the civil rights movement among Black people gave way to urban uprisings and revolutionary sentiments developed among the basic Black masses-the U.S. ruling class developed a systematic policy to get Black youth off the streets and into khaki.

Tens of thousands of Black youth were press-ganged into the Army and the Marine Corps.

One program called "Project 100,000" set out to recruit youth into the armed forces who were previously considered ineligible for military service because of low test scores.

In all, "Project 100,000" recruited more than 250,000 soldiers-and 40 percent were Black.

This program-the creation of White House advisor Daniel Patrick Moynihan-was billed as a social welfare measure.

Moynihan wrote in the New Republic later that year: "Acquiring a reputation for military valor is one of the oldest known routes to ..............