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Thread: Canibus - Mind Control (Allhiphop.com review)

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    Default Canibus - Mind Control (Allhiphop.com review)

    Rating: **

    Just when you think Canibus has it all together, he falls apart once again. This pattern started with the release of his debut album Can-I-Bus, which ended up as one of the biggest disappointments in Hip-hop history. However, Canibus was able to rebound with his overlooked sophomore album 2000 B.C., proving his career was not over. Then the unthinkable happened, C:True Hollywood Stories. The disastrous album was met with harsh reactions abroad, as most were dumbfounded on Bis' new direction. Thankfully, Canibus came back with a vengeance again, releasing two impressive battle rap albums Mic Club and Rip The Jacker. Bis was back for good and the future seemed bright. That was until now, with the release of his sixth album Mind Control (Tommy Boy/Gladiator Records). Just when you think you have Canibus figured out, he once again pulls a 180 and releases an album of disastrous proportions.

    While Mind Control was hyped as a new solo project, the album is merely a combination of unreleased songs and old material from his lackluster mixtape released over two years ago My Name Is Nobody. Unfortunately, this material is some of Canibus' worst material of his career. Besides the disappointing production, the album's bland and gimmicky concepts show a complete lack of creativity. "Atlanta" finds Canibus paying homage to his new home in an attempt to create a moody dirty south anthem. However, Bis awkwardly switches up his flow and cadence, trying too hard to mimic his southern peers. Bis also waters down his lyrics by abandoning the fierce style he is known for. A prime example includes, "Them Georgia dime pieces. I started off like what's your name, tell me what's your age. You got a man, can we be friends? I'm glad you feel that way".

    Also included on the album is the DJ Hi-Tek produced "Last Laugh", which was released over three years ago. While lyrically Bis stays on point, the track's laughing vocal sample teeters on insufferable. On "Gybaotc", Bis once again attempts to switch things up, this time with a coerced double timed flow. This choice ultimately leads to Bis' lyrics suffering with lines like, "How about a hand full of coupons yo, how about tickets to my next five shows, turn around let me touch that behind yo, I love a fine hoe". However, the album's worst effort comes from the nauseating "Stupid Producers". The aptly titled track finds Bis conversing with an imaginary producer, who is voiced in an irritating chipmunk tone. In addition, other track's that falter due to predictable beats and uninspiring hooks, such as "Canibus Man", "Talk The Talk", and "Mind Control".

    Thankfully, there are two efforts that should have Canibus fans pleased. "33 3's" takes Jay'-z's "22 Two's" concept and runs with it. While not an original idea, Canibus is able to pull if off without sounding forced or sacrificing his lyrical dexterity. "In The Rain" is one of the few new tracks featured on the album, and finds Bis focused on all fronts. Lyrically he is able to deliver without compromising his integrity, while also experimenting with an uncharacteristic singsong hook.

    Mind Control was billed as a new album, but unfortunately, it is mainly a collection of old material that should have been left in the vault. Time and time again, it seems as if Canibus is ready to take the next step in his career, but a bad choice derails his progress. Mind Control is another one of these choices that will have fans and critics alike shaking their head in disbelief. Hopefully, Canibus will rebound with his seventh album, Hip Hop 4 Sale, which is slated for release later this year.

    sad sad sad sad

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    Default Re: Canibus - Mind Control (Allhiphop.com review)

    ^^WTF is that shit! I agree with that review.
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    Default Re: Canibus - Mind Control (Allhiphop.com review)

    man i got most of these tracks and mind control song is ok but bis is lyrically capidble more than this i'm mean last laugh is fire, 33'3's is insane not allot of substance this was stupid manuvuer man WTF!

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