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Thread: Wu-tang Canada

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    Quote Originally Posted by faderlaceratah
    Deck was supposed to come here, caught caught up at customs.. i think he made his other canadian appearances.. I know Raekwon's done a couple shows and shit.
    true man, I was right in the front of the line with 2 friends for that shit, we bought the tix months in advance. As soon as they told us deck didn't cros the border, we sold our tickets and got the fuck out of there. we didn't give a fuck about afu-ra or planet asia.
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    all i know is wu got mad fans in canada, fuck, i live in newfoundland and i know countless ppl that bump wu constantly, i know ppl that look at the shit like its a fuckin religon. as for canada talent wise..... open your fuckin eyes, i doesent matter what part of the world you come from, you can still be a good mc. i know lots of ppl in my own city that i would atleast consider to be "good" or above average. i know that RZA has alot of stuff on his plate....... but i think if he decides to make some time to search canada for some new talent than he would be plesantly surprised at what he may find. canadian cats can rip raps just as hard as anyone else and that is a fact, weather you like it or not. as for wu shows..... i know if i ever had the chance to see the clan live, i would pay a rediculos amount of money if need be, but im not stupid and i realize that the chance of a wu show in st. john's is 0%, so i guess ill save my money and try to see a show some other place in the feature, anyway thats just my two cents. peace.

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