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Thread: Math- Love Hell or Right

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    Default Math- Love Hell or Right

    I've been bumping this fopr the last couples months in anticipation for "Da Problem." I hear a lot of people giving this album flack, but I have to admit that this shit was banging from beginning to end.

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    Default Re: Math- Love Hell or Right

    I never heard it to be honest.. are there any tracks on there that were new or was it mostly shit off of older albums remixed?

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    Ive heard 30 second samples from this album, it seems decent

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    Default Re: Math- Love Hell or Right

    Alwayz NY is sick...U-God's verse gets me hyped and into teh song...MK b4 U-God spit well...i liek the whole song.......Gangsta, Hip-Hop 101, Gun Talk, Juscantluv, Bonus track....all great song

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    Default Re: Math- Love Hell or Right

    its pretty good, didnt like it at all at first, but its pretty good. the problem is better though.
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