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Thread: Wu-Wear Europe

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    Default Re: Wu-Wear Europe

    he wont relaunch it cuz deres no love for the wu in the US no more its all the comercial shit everyone listens to europe seem to listen to alot more decent shit n have mad love for the wu thats why hes set it up here!!!

    "Patience is a virtue and knowledge is a commercial"

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    So how do you think Wu-Tang can ever be popular again? How are you gonna get all those people more into hiphop?

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    Wu wear USA should be relaunched as an online store only. its silly that theres a Wu wear Europe, but fans in North America have to struggle to get anything.

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    you can get some stufff at www.wuwear.com , but they dont have half the shit the europe site got, and they stuff they do got is only in limited sizes, like the pants is size 40 and shit, and they got no jeans

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    Default Re: Wu-Wear Europe

    whatever they do they need to get sum big and tall sizes...not all wu fans are skinny

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    well i order some of my jiu jitsu gear straight from Brazil & UPS is Worldwide & i only pay like 10-15$ shipping for gear, so i know to UPS some hats & some tshirts frokm Englad or wherever cant be more than that....

    Wu doesnt get love from the ststes as much as Europe, but with us cats who have been down since day 1 when we were kids we shouldnt be punished....

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    They should sell it here on this site, thatd be dope

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