U-God is a superb, I hear a lot of hate towards him on this site I dont see why I believe no-one can outshine him on a track when hes on form and if I could sum his raps up in one word it would be Explosive. Check this out from Semi Automatic Full rap metal jacket its one of my fave verses ever...

I make mean lean when I pump my spunk
and hands of chump, of machine gun funk
I bliss, like the fist, of the mantis
Those who oppose get dropped and hit the canvas
With rigormor', I hit you in the core and
pop your legs well in the figure four
You can't stop the force when the blood is coursin
extortion, I'm comin like the headless horseman
Enforcin, tortureous slang from a fortune
Swordsman, throw your rap corpse in coffins
Don't pop glocks at me then cop a plea
A hundred thousand leagues beneath the sea
Deep depths makes rappers salted
Weak rappers asses I cracks my foot, off in
Lay down them lines with them hard hits
And I'm harmin, bombin, with heavy bombardments
Pushin, poetry, like weed by the pounds
Underground railroad RZA track lay it down
I'm hard as pavement, you gaze from amazement
Knock you in the head you wonder where the days went
It's golden bangles, microphone getting strangled
Five-star general, scars you want to angle
Bizarre thriller, war scar for a killer
Sheisty mic device got my hand-piece throbbin
Slice mics precise on down to ice carvings

I would love to see a Golden Arms redemption pt2 the first one was a certified Wu banger! Any one else wanna share their opinions of uey?