okay so i was at best buy the other day and i decided it would be a decent idea to take a waiver on that arena football game that just came out. It was only thirty bucks so what the hell. Maybe suprisingly, its not that bad of a game. The rules are kind of wierd compared to regular football, theres more different rules and positions then you would think, but the gameplay isnt bad. It takes the ncaa football engine and modifies it a little bit with some different camera angles and throws are adjusted a little bit. For example, it doesnt lead them as much as in ncaa because the field is alot smaller and they dont lead them as much, maybe annoying but realistic nonetheless. Defense is fun and with so much passing in a small area you get alot of chances for interceptions which makes it fun. The choosing of plays is a little wierd in that its more similar to blitz for ps1 then it is to anything else. Offensively you have the option of choosing All, Pass, Run, or Special and on defense you have All, Man Defense, Zone Defense, or Special. If you do "All" for either one you basically get 6 plays and slight variations on them and if you choose any of the specific options you get more plays to choose from. The downside is that youre opponent can see exactly which play youre choosing. The game as a whole has some wierd scenes and different angles for things that take a little of getting used to. Its a little odd but its a fun variation to play in the offseason between madden and ncaa releases. If youve got 30$ to spare you can do alot worse then this.