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A street nigga, is a nigga that been on the streets his whole life to the point he don't know nothing better than the streets. Ever since I was 9 I used to be outside all fuckin day and not come home till like 3 A.M because my house was so fucked up I would rather be outside than be at home dealing with that shit. By the age of 13 I was out on my own in the streets with absolutely nothing. At first I was robbing bags of bread from bodegas when they got dropped off in the morning so I could eat. After a while I got so fuckin hungry I didn't give a fuck if I was going to jail so I just started robbing people. I used to wash up in the dunkin donuts bathroom so I could maintain some sort of hygiene. Than I started pitching work in on the block and that's how I became a street nigga. Every home to me is just temporary, the only place I really feel at home is in the hood on the block with the niggaz I call my family. It's sad but thats basically all ever knew and will know until I find away to get myself out of this hole my past placed me in.

I feel like I'm attempting to climb up the side of a waxed marble pit while somebody's dropping concrete bricks on me. I know what street niggaz is about because I lived with them mofuckas all my life. In my city theres more homeless, incarcerated, and drug addicted teens than there is adults in the population. I come from a place where a 15 year old will hawk you for 5 dollars to go get himself something to eat, or where if you say the wrong shit to the wrong dude involved with the wrong people you'll have about 4 niggaz hacking at you with machetes. You know your city's bad when you're outside at 3 A.M and there's still motherfuckers on the block acting rowdy.

I'm not condoning this type of shit, I'm just giving yall an example of how people get stuck into this mentality. It's not like people wake up and go, "I wanna be a street nigga" and they start actin hood, shit is real out here, niggaz get fuckin killed.

what this thread is about -

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interpreting the symptoms and the cause of social digression in inner cities, for instance, why do people in the ghetto act this or that way