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    Black Wisdom Wrote: The topic of my question is Spirituality.

    For me spirituality is our connection to our essence. I view spirituality the same as I view science. I see math and science as the languages of the Neters and the Creator. Everything was intertwined. One picture told the story of a million words. The mind body and spirit was intertwined but all had there own distinct order and composition. When you treated a dis-ease you treated the entire person. Everything possesses laws, cause without them there would be no order and no existance. I don't follow a European distorted doctrine but I am on a continued quest to further live out an African traditional belief system. The more I learn about our ways the more I associate them with scientific principles. The original concept of salvation from an African perspective birthed the vast majority of all of our technology and sciences, from astrology to melanin science (mummification was a result of the later science). Now to the question.

    Do you view spirituality as a viable tool of continued understanding and growth of ourselves and the world that we live in? Note that I'm not referring to religious doctrine, but a connection to our essence and sustaining forces.


    I agree 100% with the view that what u define as “spirituality” is a viable tool of continued understanding. I just don’t believe in the concept of a “spirit” as metaphysical entity separate from ourselves (but within ourself) that exists in objective reality. What you are explaining as the “spirit”, many others would define as “cultural understanding.. or cultural wealth”.. I would define it as the “ingrained culmination of human understanding”.

    Thus “spirituality” (aka “the acknowledgement of the ingrained culmination of cultural understanding”) is indeed an invaluable tool in existence!
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