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Thread: "Ask My First Timbs" Q&A thread

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    Timbs could you explain the evolution of man from apes? I have read some knowledge on this but I still can't really grasp the whole concept of it and this is why: It has been scientifically proven that the original people of the earth were black, now they say that man evolved from apes but caucasians have retained more of the physical characteristics of apes than black people have. I'm speaking of the noses, the thin lips, and the excessive body hair. Please add on your undertanding of how this came to be.


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    Do you believe in extra terrestrial beings? If so, what would be your argument for their existence, from a scientific standpoint? Likewise, what would be your argument for their not existing, if that is your belief?

    Have you ever known anybody to abandon their religion, and/or belief in a God, due to anything you said or wrote?

    Do you think religion has had a positive or negative effect on humankind, as a whole?

    What's your take on things such as ghosts, and paranormal phenomena such as the Bermuda Triangle?

    What do you think happened at Roswell in 1947?

    Why do you desire to enforce your evolution theories, and disbelief in a God?
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    Quote Originally Posted by My First Timbs
    not only are u preventing urself from ever experiencing objective truth...

    in many cases u continue a trend that will prevent others from understanding objective truth (because by nature, religion is dogmatic)

    furthermore, it prevents you from actually understanding why things are the way they are

    even more importantly, it decreases one's real world decision making skills.

    and in addition, it prevents one from really understanding just how wonderful and precious life is....(because lets get serious,, how precious is life if its only the result of supernatural father.....there is nothing special about that...) but if life is a result of a natural process that took an astronomical amount of time to be sustained, then THAT is REALLy special and prompts one to look at the world alot differently and with alot more respect!

    lemme get that straight,
    to think that the universe was just an accident is something special.

    on the other hand, ya got the concept of God which you consider as "nothing special".

    this is not only narrow-mindness but it's also utter nonsense. cuz everyone in his/her right mind knows that such a special great complicated universe and creatures can't be created as a result of an accident.

    look at the human body and all the complication in it. How does the brain work and the heart or where did the soul come from? look at every living thing and you can figure how they can not be made just like that.

    It's the same as sayin' that a jet plane or an antom bomb or any complicated thing can be made by itself or as you say "as a result of a natural process" despite being so complicated.

    i think the truth or as you call it "the concept of God", doesn't need you to be philosopher nor scientist to figure his existence out. all it takes is to be a human being with right mind and common sense.

    one thing i just don't understand how does the faith in God, decreases one's real world decision making skills. if somebody doesn't want to improve oneself, what does God has to do with this? Did GOd by any chance prevent him/her to seek knowledge. i think NOT.

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    Assuming that God is real and that He has an interest in testing faith. What would be the point in testing this faith if God's existence could be definetly proven?
    im not sure if i follow ur question or if u have a typo in it

    are u asking "that if we assume that god is real for a second and that he has an interest in testing the faith of his own creation (in him), what would be the point in testing the faith of his creation (us), if his existence could NOT be proven?

    if thats what ur referring to, then it all boils down to the issue of faith itself and whether it is a positive, natural, raional trait or if its an irratonal trait to have faith.

    for a god to test the faith of his own creation (and at the same time not provide even a shred of evidence for credence to this belief) is rather sadistic and countercurrent to the god given gift of reason.

    but all of this is null and void because its assuming that a god does exist who would do such a thing. (not thats its impossible,, everything is possible when it comes to the unknown)...its just not rational to believe such in the face of no reasoning to believe it.

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    referring to the concept of collective conscious

    peace Tims
    can u please expound on this.

    ill post my views / more Q's
    when u respond

    peace sir
    referring to the concept of collective conscious

    yes i do believe in it but purely from a biological/evolutionary standpoint

    peace Tims
    can u please expound on this.

    ill post my views / more Q's
    when u respond

    peace sir

    the common understanding of collective conscious is that basically there is a medium that exists thru which humans (and possibly other creatures) can all simultaneously "tap into" (on a subconscious level) that contains information about humanity on a whole or particular "cultural knowledge" on the whole... ie, the brain can tap into a wealth of information (similar how we can use the internet to learn about any thing ).............but the thing is.. the common understanding of collective conscious attributes this concept to the existence of an "ether" of sorts. (ie a "vehicle" thru which this knowledge and awareness travels thru and exists in at the same time)

    this is where the rational atheist differs.

    we view the conceptive of "collective consciousness" more as simply "ingrained understanding" or "instinctual knowledge", that existsview the years of genetic success and failures in natural selection. (basicaly think of it as encoded in our genome in a sense)

    for example, when i talk about collective consciousness, i am merely referring to all humans or a significant group of humans sharing a certain understanding or wealth of knowledge or way of thought, without ever having any type of cultural information exchange! (and hence, by my definition, certain things "known" via collective consciousness can apply to all of humanity and certain things can only apply to certain populations of humans).. generally the broader the concept, the greater the chance of it applying to all of humaniity, the more specific teh concept, the less chance that it applies to all of humanity.

    case in point, most cultures on teh planet at one point or another have developed a concept of dragons. regardless of where they were on the planet at that time, all of these cultures came up with this concept of a scary creature with wings, big teeth, scales and a tail and some claws.....(altho we know for a fact that such a creature never existed) and more importantly dinosaurs and humans never lived side by side!

    so where did this concept of a scary dragon come from?

    this is where collective consciousness comes in via evolutionary mechanisms (ie genetic succes/failure, and natural selection!)

    although humans were not around during dinosaur times, early humans (that we all stem from!) were indeed alive on the planet when there were very large cats to fear, very deadly snakes to fear and very large birds of prey to fear!

    the concept of the "dragon" is a concept created and shared in teh colective consciousness of all humans based on natural selection. Early humans who were the most afraid of snakes, lareg cats and predatory birds, were the ones who ebded up living long ebuff to have offspring. those offspring (genetically) more times than not, retained a vital genetic charateristic (that being a fear of snakes, cats and birds).. over time this genetic trait to have this fear has trickled down to all of humanity across the globe...and ultimately the fear has manifested itself by amalgamation ( a melting of the concepts together), thus the creation of the "dragon" (a scary creature that has large teeth and claws like a large cat, has wings and flies liek a predatory bird and has scales and a tongue like a deadly snake!)

    the dragon was created via our collective consciousness (ie different cultures who have never exchanged ideas tapped into this geneticically ingrained wealth of knowledge) in order to come up with a similar concept or way of thought

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    Originally Posted by cd
    I'll throw one out there for you Timbs.

    From an evolutionary standpoint, what do you think the relationship is between advancing technology and natural survival characteristics are? There is evidence that due to technological advances in science, medicine, etc that people live longer and are bigger and stronger than previous generations. If you look at Medieval knights, who were the big warriors of their day, they didn't even measure up to 6 feet. Athletes are bigger and stronger than from a generation ago. So on the surface it may look like these advances are strengthening the species.

    However if you look at it from another angle, it seems humans have grown too dependent relying on outside sources. Medicines are tremendously overused and people really keep their immune systems weak when they don't let it naturally fight off sickness. Technology has become such that people do not need or want to do as much physical activity as they used to(manual labor or just being active outside) and sit stagnated inside watching hours of images on TVs or computers. We are insulated and not exposed to most of the hardships of nature. People do not use nearly as much mental capacity as they used to. A good memory and quick cognitive abilities used to be the difference between life or death. Now people rely heavily on calculators to do simple math and are too lazy to even remember phone #'s anymore bc of speedial. This seems to be leading to the dulling of a lot of intellects.

    So although it seems that on the surface extreme advances in technology would make a species stronger, is this just surperficial and actually harmful to human beings' natural survival abilities? Are we cutting ourselves off from nature and is this relying on technology rather than our minds and bodies making the species actually naturally weaker?
    will answer shortly

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    Peace Tims,

    Thankyou for your reply
    im gonna digest what u wrote and hit u back,,

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    Quote Originally Posted by sweet sista
    you see God does control everything but the thing is, he gives humans the freedom to pick whatever they like.
    Then what good is he ?

    why allow his creation/children to have an option to chose wickedness ?

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    Just came to thank Myfirsttimbs for the knowledge you have been dropping. Im on page 4 and im already excited whats next to come.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wooly Noggins
    Then what good is he ?

    why allow his creation/children to have an option to chose wickedness ?
    actually he is so good he is the best. some will start to call me subjective..i don't care cuz to act toward the one who gave me everything i am as he didn't do anything is like a betrayal and it even gets worse when you act toward who stood by your side when nobody did like he is the impeached now.

    He allows his creation to have an option to choose wickedness the same way he allows them to choose to do good. Because he is Allah "god" in other words, he's no saucy, he's all merciful, he's all wise and all just. He doesn't want to force humans like animals against their will. He gave humans the gift of "mind" which allows them to think of the consequences of thier actions. To choose to do good. avoid doing wickedness.

    Imagine if he almighty forced all of us to do "good" things, are we going to do it properly? i mean in the best way they can be done? nah we won't, we'll be either like animals messing around with things or we won't do it good cuz we feel insulted or we don't feel like it.

    example, if you were forced by your boss at work to do something. yeah you maybe will but the result won't be not as good as it should. but when he gives you the choices, you'll be creative. and that's the point, Wooly.

    i think all of us to see God. we need to want to see him. however, if we were yelling like "WE WANNA SEE GOD" but in hearts we're like "yeah right". Not that i'm saying you need to be a believer first but be sincere in your search to god.

    i think another effective thing is to make the "bond" between you and god direct. don't aks someone to be as your connector. God can hear you, he doesn't need a loud speaker. he can see you he doesn't need a viewer. just be sincere. spending time thinking by yourself "alone" instead of letting others influence your way of thinking can make you see god.
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    Quote Originally Posted by maestro wooz
    genetically and evolutionally, how do you explain whites and asians having smaller asses then blacks. That is, what were the differentiating factors in their enviroments that caused this disparity in ass size to occur?

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    Quote Originally Posted by sweet sista
    hehehehe, now iím gonna give ya what you've been waiting for.

    1) is God "perfect" ? yes
    2) is god all merciful ? yes

    3) Is god immutable (meaning he/she/it is "unchanging"?) yes

    4) Is God all "just" (meaning ultimately he makes sure justice is served)
    okay lets break this down.. i didnt 4get about it...

    u say that the concept of god that u believe in is that god is perfect and thus by definition is complete and without needs or wants.. (these are u words that u agreed to)

    The problem with your way of thinking and ultimately your concept of god is the logical such:

    this is a widely known philosophical stance and i xplain it further in my new book "Why Bad Beliefs Dont Die" (due out Aug 11 th!!, preorders start July 4th)

    The Perfection vs Creation Fallacy

    step 1) God is allegedly perfect
    step 2) God allegedly created the universe
    step 3) Perfection implies a state of being complete , without needs or wants
    step 4) if god created the universe, he obviously either wanted to or needed to create it !

    step 5) remember, a perfect being cant had needs or wants (at any time)

    step 6) this means god isnt perfect

    step 7) if god isnt perfect, this violates the premise of step 1.

    step 8) logically , god cant exist.

    see the problem with your concept sweet sista?

    in addition, u also stated that god is unchanging ie immutable

    here is the problem

    Religious Fallacy of Immutability

    Step 1) God is immutable/unchnaging
    Step 2) God created the universe
    Step 3) in order to create the universe, this means god had an "intent" to create the universe before he created it !
    Step 4) after god creates the universe, his intent was satisfied and thus he no longer had the intent
    Step 5) by no longer having the intent, god's idealogical stance has fundamentally changed from his originally stance (of having an intent!)
    Step 6) God is supposed to be immutable?
    Step 7) logically god isnt immutable
    Step 8) God doesnt exist

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    trying to expalin these things to sweet sista is like showing a blind man a beautiful picture

    she'll never see it

    "See, I will send you the prophet Elijah before that great and dreadful day of the LORD comes.
    He will turn the hearts of the fathers to their children, and the hearts of the children to their fathers; or else I will come and strike the land with a curse."

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    and fuck these evolution theories

    my people don't come from apes

    you can go on and believe what your master wrote out in books as facts in the name of science

    they'll have a different story next year

    you name and label these things the way they taught you to name and label them
    and cannot see whats what for yourself

    to have your enemy guide you this way is sick and silly in this day and age when the knowledge of God and devil is right there sittin on your eyeballs

    continue to hold the hands of your coon makers and receive what he is about to receive

    "See, I will send you the prophet Elijah before that great and dreadful day of the LORD comes.
    He will turn the hearts of the fathers to their children, and the hearts of the children to their fathers; or else I will come and strike the land with a curse."

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    apsu!! so i'm blind now?!
    and sweet poor me i was going to say to you, long time no see...

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