While I was lecturing at a new jersey college this spring semester, a student posed a question to me about what i had just presented...

the student posed an interesting question that i thought i would post here

The point / question he raised to me was as follows

" how can you say that "god" doesn't exist or that there isnt anything
"greater" or some kind of all knowing intelligent force"? doesnt the
concept of geometry in and of itself mean that there has to be a god? (I
knew what he was getting at but i asked him to explain because i wanted the student to articulate it for the class)

His point was, even if we assume that the big bang and
all of that did occurr... and that evolution did indeed occur etc etc,,
there still has to be some "force" that governs or is in control of the
natural laws of our universe.

for example, how can man explain a triangle? a triangle has intrinsic
properties of logic tied into it! (those being in particular the
pythagorean theorum) c squared = a squared + b squared... also other
gemetric properties of the triangle have no explanation.. how does man
explain that a right angle is 90 degrees and that no matter what every
triangle will always be 180 degress etc etc...

this argument is a good one, but is indeed fallible and flawed in my view and reasoning.....

just wanted to post this here to fuel discussion....

do u agree or disagree with this student who presented a seemingly
"rational" argument for the existence of an "intelligent" force?