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had to do this.. hope it helps on the issue at hand...

Quantum Mechanics Explained

written by Jason Yeldell aka My First Timbs

One must first realize how extremely complicated quantum mechanics is and how far reaching it goes.. this is why it is very difficult to explain it in a few neat sentences and paragraphs because in most cases it takes about 300 pages to describe it accurately (in addition to describing the wholly metaphysical aspect of it which we are doing here!)

but i will try to keep it simply and MAKE IT PLAIN !

1) Quantum mechanics makes us look at the world and universe as if it was a creature that possesses an external body and an internal mind. This outer body of the universe and world is what we scientists have struggled with since the beginning of "time". it is the world as we know it susceptible to natural laws and verifiable thru what i call the "uniformity of experience" (like things in like circumstances always leave predicatble results !).............quantum mechanics is merely the study and theory that encompasses not this outer body of our world view, but rather the "inner workings" behind this outer body on a subatomic level! what is found when scientists study this "inner realm" is that things dont "behave" properly.. ie.. my whole philosophy of the "uniformity of experience" becomes hogwash....this may not seem like a big deal to layppl, but this is a tremendous deal to scientists and scientific disciplines that thrive on making sense of the world we live in by relying on the fact that there is such a thing called the uniformity of experience

2) quantum mechanics studies the fundamental particles thought to be the building blocks of existence and of our universe.. however, after delving into this realm it is perceived that these partiles are actually not real things.. they are nothing but "possibilities" of consciousness, but yet do affect the material world ! now thats mindblowing! that the "stuff" everything is made of may not even be real "stuff" ! In addition.. this stuff doesnt seem to follow equations and probability assumptions we thought.. so what is it and what controls it?

3) human consciousness is controlled by quantum mechanics.. thus controlled by stuff that may not potentially be "real".. thus the human experience is flawed from ever justifying what is "reality".. the human mind may be abstract simply because the material world is not material !
the world is will and representation