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    i used to love h.e.r

    classic, legendary lyricist

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    Common's the shit, seen him live twice. always puts on an extraordinary show.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SpOk3N
    IMO, i think BE is mediocre

    I mean, GO! ? What the hell was he thinking? Kanye is starting to be like Lil' Jon which means he HAS to be on every song he produces. The Corner, Be, Faithful, and Love is, along with Real People are the stand out tracks, but I feel lyrically he has the potential to do MUCH better than what he did on this. Resurrection, and Like Water, along with Can I Borrow A Dollar were classics. CIBAD had concept tracks, which alot of Albums nowadays (you know, your so-called "Crunkafied" albums") are in definite need of pursuing. CIBAD was ahead of its time without a doubt.

    I think BE could've been much better, but sometimes, for the veteran that he is, lacked on certain tracks:

    "Freaky like the daughter of a pastor
    said I was bait for her to master"

    Look at the plunge from I Used to Love H.E.R. to this. Its a better album than the shit people jam in their car to, but it wasn't up to par.
    Totally agree with you. Lyrically this could be his worst album. And I have all of them except Electric Circus.

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    Can someone upload The Corner from his new album?

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    ima hav to buy som his other albums hahaha (i only got "be")

    how many albums he got?

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    not sure....4-5 albums?

    btw...he was here in Bergen in 25th june...mtv concert.....didnt go....why?


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