too bad this whole shit cant be just as easy as 'being a nice guy'

it seems that we are responsible for more than that

in the search for truth or salvation or redemption or whatever you want to call it

the further down the path you go
the more options you get introduced to and seriously consider

the nice guy approach works until somebody leaves you with nothing or bites your hand

then you might move on to the 'dont trust anybody' approach

that works until you realize how stressful a lifestyle of paranoia can really be

the 'ignore it and hope it goes away' angle works until shit gets too real and you cant ignore it anymore

the 'i just want to do one last thing and get this over with' approach works until you realize how the world stays the same after every suicide bombing

you can avoid the pressure for short periods of time

maybe long enough to have a career
or start a family
and have hobbies

that doesnt mean you arent responsible for that other shit

the pressure will be on you until you fulfil your responsibilities