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Thread: The announcement is that...

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    Default The announcement is that...

    Ha ha ha...we got hoodwinked again by the Clan. The most loyal Wu supporters are on this website and yet the Clan take it upon themselves to isolate us by feeding us bullshit. There was no big announcement and there never was. It was a ploy to get underground heads to tune in to the BET awards. How many people on this site would have watched that shit if they knew there was no big announcement???

    Think about this...the awards were taped a few days ago. Don't you think if there was a big announcement it would have leaked onto the net by now??? THe urban music industry is well represented the BET awards. If the Clan had some important to say, it would have been out the night the awards were taped. I love the Wu like everyone else on this site...I've just learned to stop being a dick rider. They've let me down too many times for that shit...

    The Saga Continues...

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    Default Re: The announcement is that...

    Don't you think if there was a big announcement it would have leaked onto the net by now???
    That exactly what I was thinking before.

    But lets post about the 'announcement' in the stickied thread.
    Wu-Tang Corp Admin Mark Mayoya

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