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I feel like, if my White Sox can get to .500 baseball by the All Star break that they will have a good chance to make the playoffs. But the bullpen still isn't figured out, Pierre's struggling, Adam Dunn was a waste of money so far, Rios is playing like a bitch again, And our pitchers have low fucking ERA's and the lineup doesn't back them up on so many days. Peavy's constantly injured except short 2 week stints in between his fat overpaid contract. Santos fucking blew a 2 run lead when he had 2 outs 2 strikes in the 9th inning. Can you believe that shit/!?!??!?!? After seeing Jenks choke so many times last year I can't say this feels any worse. Red Sox can try to rely on him now.

As an all time White Sox fan, I've noticed that Ozzie Guillen is a good players coach and takes the heat off the players but he never seems to know how to manage the pitchers and bullpen. White Sox usually lose games in late innings.

Verlander is lights out and the Tiger's lineup is solid. but you gotta get past the Tribe first. don't get your hopes up bruh bruh