On The A-rod Thing Ive Been To A Lot Of Games Since He Became A Yankee I Didnt Like The Booing I Use To Tell People To Shut Up And Sit Down But I Dont Think That Proves Yankee Fans Are Retarded. New York Fans Are Passionate And If There Not Happy With You For Not Hitting In The Clutch Which He Really Wasnt Then There Gonna Let You Know No Matter Who You Are.

I Dont See How Carmona Is In His Prime He's In His Second Year And Hes Only Had One Good Season He's Gotta Have A Lot More Of Those Before I Consider Him A Legit Starter. Sabitha Is Hittable To I Rather Face Him Then John Lackey, Josh Beckett, Santana, And Halladay. The Lineup Really Whos Gonna Hit Hafner I Much Rather Face Him The Vlad, Ortiz, And Manny. The Rest Of The Line Up Including Sizemore Can Be Shutdown. Whos Gonna Hurt The Yankees Peralta, Blake, Garko HAhahaha. Even You Boy Lebron Knows The Deal. But Will Have To Wait And See When The Series Starts I'm Lookin Forward To Some Playoff Baseball.