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Thread: anyone wanna cypher

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    Default anyone wanna cypher

    yo come on i wanna do at least four rounds

    anyone just respond

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    nobody fuckin down

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    Default grimy thoughts

    hey yo, it's Creepy Follows creepin 5 o'clock in da morn/
    ya want war I'm the type that'll knock on your door/
    and let the rifle blaze, poppin you corns/
    I'm with your mom watching a porn, while the microwave's poppin the corn/
    this grimy mothafucka'll stab you with a capricorn's horn/
    leaving your flesh bleedin torn, I'll make you wish you weren't even born/
    I got no love for dirty sluts and deceiving whores/
    4 sho, I make 'em swallow thirty nuts and butts leaving sore/
    I got no respect for animals and human beings/
    knocking over tombstones and pissin over mausoleums/
    the cost of freedom is your life in my torcher dungeon/
    punish you with Dolph Lungdren blows to leave your skull sunken/
    every verse laced is cutthroat/
    I don't rap in the first place, I just bring the 'Earthquake' like 'Tugboat'/
    Creepy Follows rocks on the mic and stay ghetto/
    while you faggots be the talkative types like Jay Leno!!!

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    yo dunny, y u be watchin the tele wit my mom,
    i be makin cummy on yo matress wit a playboy bunny
    stupid faggot comin to a battle with a rifle in hand
    poppin corns dook im poppin head shots if thats to hard to comprehend

    Your phasode is thin, trynna act like you can cypher for days
    when reality hits and all yo raps r bout gays
    When the fuck you realize that canada aint hard
    Vermont has more gangsters than that, retard
    trynna start shit wit LL sayin you'll leave him cryyin
    only cryin i'll do is from laughin too hard, your fuckin lyin

    Git offa Lenos tip, hid pinky fingers edge width is bigger than ur goddam dick
    Im damn sick, homie, u frontin and phony, crony, u can do like kobes bitch and "blow me"

    You spitin dirt, cuz u dead in earth already, ya boradcast is dead
    kill you twice b4 you reach the ground, fill ya sound wit led

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    aka echos
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    ayo, this echos motherfucker the ruthless type
    tonight i'll supe up the rifle in fist fight//
    they call me echos baby
    the type to strip ya down to ya syndrome g//
    the evil type, the good type, b
    all i gotta do is say boo and ya ass ready to pee//
    hit it like i hit it n your God's prophet
    my style i know you can't knock it//
    my shots, you like Mugsy Bogues, you can't block it
    ya'll like rusty hoes, try hard to cock it//
    lean down, i'm straight mean clown
    n i know shit just ain't what it seems now//
    all i got to say is "ya'll fake, ya'll fake"
    yo, you wanna ball, hey//
    try critisize me, i'm Allah's epitomy
    i'll pull your strings singing Mozarts symphony//

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    put a shotty to ya skull instantly,git it b
    yo"symphony", is cut out quickly by the clip you see?
    Dissin a ghost, dam you talkin to yourself n it "echoes"
    geico geckos, get more respect cuz they can "catch-flows" (floes meanin hoe)
    Quick to end this, repent cuz "u do the crime you pay the sentence"
    Endin that sentence, qucik to get lynched by payin pension
    Have u "done in" at the psyche ward just for rappin attention

    fuck it

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    I thought this dickrider wanted to cipher, now you want to battle me with that shitty verse, go suck your mamma, faggot

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    They said put down the guns and bring ya skills to the battle
    But yall kids is bad, think I'm gonna have to bust out my paddle
    And swing till I leave ya heads rattled, Mr. Battle-tested
    Go head n' confess it, after this yall know you've been bested
    2 slugs to the chest kid, shit freeze like ya cardiac's arrested
    Ain't no surgeon to save you, souls' toll road, you gotta pay dues
    to get through
    But Bill Gates money couldn't pay fees to this emcee
    Leave you sweatin like a fever at a hundred' three
    Frontin like ya styles is malicious, but actualy it's just repititious
    Pretending like dog shit taste delicious,get a genie's lamp n' make u some wishes
    And if the first is "I wanna be an emcee" its a first step to accept
    what exist factualy
    Cause acutaly you don't have the faculties, every line is a sign that mentally you a casualty
    Just like voters for Bush, if I catch ya cliffhangin, I'm gonna give you a push

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    Quote Originally Posted by CREEPY FOLLOWS
    I thought this dickrider wanted to cipher, now you want to battle me with that shitty verse, go suck your mamma, faggot
    ok grow a dick and git off your moms tit, lern the definition of dickrider u faggot, u take shit too seriously, i just respond to the shitty verse that u wrote if i wanted to try u wouldda seen better. Dook sabinchung wrote a verse bout me i didnt blow up calm the fuck down and learn some manners bitch go fuck urself

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    take Luther's dick out your mouth dickrida, I know what the definition means, and it means you, check your shitty verse, bringing LL up like he did me something please!, both of y'all fuckin wiggers can get it, and just for reminder, Luther posted up a thread called 'the official Luther Large vs. Creepy Follows thread' and he abandoned it 'cause I smashed on him too hard, now you're next in line, faggot, wanna diss my verse with your shitty rebuttle? ya need to up your skill cocksucker

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    lol this shithead makes me laugh


    but i only said that cuz i said i WAS BATTLIN

    never said u werent good holmes, just statin a fact that ur right, luthers a bitch, i didnt check that thred, yo all i said was what u said, "ILL LEAVE U CRYIN CUZ IM AN INSANE RAPPER" grow some balls homie waste some1 elses time, u made urself look like a jackass postin shit to urself anyways "OH IMMA SMASH THIS SUCKER" you know how gay u sound comin off like that to NOBODY fuck u man
    Last edited by Vernakular; 04-11-2006 at 11:43 PM.

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    fuck this shit yo its grim, i didnt want any drama witht this shit anymore so i cant keep lyin everything in my prof is true, 200 is my cousin i thought id fuck up his shit but he aint mad so it aint fun fuck all haters i was trynna have fun look im 14 calm down

    yo eric, facin me is a more 'dreaded task' than a "Marley family reunion"
    no merrits, im beatin you with "iron fists" like the "soviet union"
    Quick to persuin, ways to exploit that u dont "roll wit vets"
    Cut your throat and hand you your lung just to say "hold ya breath"
    im sick with threats, homie your as ill as a "diseased faggot"
    the only heat you ever packed, is prolly a "box of matches in your jacket"
    Last edited by Vernakular; 04-12-2006 at 03:06 AM.

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    How you bringin back the ancient art of emceein?
    When I was rockin parties you was in diapers peein
    You ain't shit to sweat, Tek already showed how you catch it from the Wu-Corp vets
    Go change names so you can start another round of frontin
    Just keep my name out your mouth or I'll really show you somethin
    Cause while ya gums is bumpin, you ain't sayin nothin
    And I ain't got no time for sissies with a mattress that be pissy
    Sittin there wonderin "Maybe they miss me?"
    Nah we don't, the chances of that aint even remote
    But you're 14, so you got your life to find another forum
    Cuz in here, ya games is getting borin', C;mon young'un, can't you hear them snorin?

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    lmao, i swear i thought the title said "anyone wanna cyber" ??

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sicka Than Aidz
    lmao, i swear i thought the title said "anyone wanna cyber" ??
    co sign

    Tables Turn..Which Made it Worse, Engaged N' Searched..
    for a Way ta' Learn, how ta Take tha' Curse of the Weight of Earth
    Incase it Curved, and Strained my Nervous System..
    Rage it Burst, n' Explained in Words how ta Further Wisdom

    Take ya life plus ya afterlife -Bloodshed

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