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Thread: Ghostface Killah vs GZA/Genius

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    Quote Originally Posted by wadedigital36
    well if everry wu fan liked every member the very same then we wouldnt need these threads. but thats not the case. so we like to share our opinions on each member.

    all you have to do is say: i like so and so over so and so cuz of blah blah blah. and thats it.

    doesnt need to be any beef.

    ghost is to me just better than gza cause he raps bout some real shit that i can feel...gza needs to do some shit for the women etc...nigga need better subject matter...

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    Default Re: Ghostface Killah vs GZA/Genius

    hard to say...never heard GZA or Ghost in a battle, though GZA is usually more on that battle tip. as far as who i like more, id go with Ghost...but GZA is nice too. also one of my favorites. they have two very different styles.
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