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Thread: Royce Da 5'9 - Build And Destroy: Lost Sessions Pt. 1

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    Default Royce Da 5'9 - Build And Destroy: Lost Sessions Pt. 1

    1.Duck Down
    2.I Wont Be
    3.Lights Out
    4.State Your Name
    6.We Ridin
    7.Make Money
    8.Feels Good
    10.U Dont Know Me
    11.King Of Detroit
    12.Life Goes On
    13.Spit Game
    14.What Would You Do
    15.In The Presence Of Wolves
    18.Make This Run
    19.Take Me Away
    20.Malcom X

    Thoughts on this album? I think its a classic underground joint by him. My favorite tracks are "Duck Down", "Danger", "In The Presence Of Wolves" and "Malcom X"

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    Rugged and tough street album, basically just songs left on the cutting room floor from Rock City and Rock City Version 2.0 recording sessions. I bumped this for about three years straight when it dropped and pumped it for the first time again yesterday and I am in total relapse mode right now. I wish my vehicle was working right now, I would be knocking this furiously. Just have to settle for my walkman for now.
    Sounds nice on my forty dollar boombox though. I recently learned that this was released as an import as a two disk set, hence the part one. As far as I know, part two never dropped here. I really want that other disk now. Here in North America, we always get screwed with on releases. He spits with such angst on here, it is basically a precursor to Death Is Certain. If you are looking for a sequel to that album, this is the closest you will get. Pissed off, aggressive mood throughout and nothing but boom bap instrumentals.

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    I was disapointed when i heard the album version of Malcolm X it had a different beat than the original cnn version, but it was still a good CD
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    I'm gonna check this out because I haven't heard it.

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