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Thread: How much do you hate the "My Super Sweet 16" show?

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    i hate this show it pisses me off, i mean how spoilt can you get, i would like to gather them all up and take them into the middle of the worst ghetto in the world. the one i hate the most was that girl who wanted a range rover from her dad, a fuking range rover for a 16 year old what da fuk, what has the world come to. Its a sad show a very effective way of making one angry though. its also manipulating the minds of the young i have a 10 year old niece who wants a sweet 16 birthday party like that.

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    I fuckin hate that show with a fuckin passion,
    I hope all those ungrateful little fucks die
    long painful deaths, they have no souls
    just gucci wallets and low self esttem

    "Ford, Chev, whateva you got//
    don't mean shit if the shit ain't hot"

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