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Thread: Shabazz The Disciple - Passion Of The Hood Christ

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    Default Shabazz The Disciple - Passion Of The Hood Christ

    Shabazz The Disciple - The Passion Of The Hood Christ

    Anyone got this who can write a review?

    About to order it from Chambermuzik (it'll then have to make it's way across the ocean), and just wondered what people thought of it and how it compares to Book Of Shabazz: Hidden Scrolls (one of my favourite albums of recent years).

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    Default Shabazz the Disciple- The Passion of the Hood Christ

    Had this sitting on my shelf for awhile and just slept on it. Been listening to this for like a month now. Great joint. Shabazz spits some crazy shit on this. Dont sleep on this.

    Shabazz comes with a lot of emothion on each track. Lot of spirtual lyrics (Even more than the Book of Shabazz). If you not into the spirtual or religious rhymes don't get this.

    01: The Passion Of The Hood Christ [Opening]

    02: The One- Great track
    [Produced by draft Team]

    03: Losing My Religion- Dope track
    [Produced by Carlos Bess]

    04: Prayfemy - Nice track. Not my fav beat but Shabazz rapping over anything alwaways make the beat sounds better than it really is.
    [Produced by *GetLarge Productions (Dam's, and Sla)]

    05: Welcome Home G.F. - Skit
    [Produced by *The Beat Butcher]

    06: Stunnaz- was not really into this track. Did not like the beat at all.
    [Produced by *Brain-Power]

    07: Preme- Heart felt lyrics talking about his man that passed. Great track.
    [Produced by *GetLarge Productions (Dam's, and Sla)]

    08: Heavenly Bride- Love this track.
    [Produced by *Yogi]

    09: Marion- Another emotional track. Shabazz's little sister was killed on her 14th birthday. you can def feel shabazz's pain.
    [Produced by Shabazz The Disciple, and *Ze Gonzalez]

    10: Angel Tearz - dope track. Very emotional.
    [Produced by *Godzwrath Productions (MOD)]

    11: Organized Rime- another great track. Might of originally been called Hip-hop casino if anyone has heard that (not sure though)
    [Produced by Carloss Bess]

    12: Stone Him- Skit
    [Produced by Shabazz The Disciple]

    13: The One [Hood Christ]- Great track. Spits in that Islamic tongue.[Produced by Cilvaringz]

    14: Red Hook Day [Remix]- nice remix. Not as good as the original
    [Produced by *Mista Jam]

    15: Hip Pop [Remix]- Like this version better than the original.
    [Produced by *Hala-X]

    16: Crime Saga [Remix]- not as good as the original.
    [Produced by *Sikh Knowledge]

    17: Organized Rimes 2 - Like this remix. Beat gives you a different feeling than the original.
    [Produced by *Sikh Knowledge]

    18: The Lambs Blood [Remix]-
    [Produced by *Sikh Knowledge]

    19: Same Niggaz [Bonus]- was not feeling this
    [Produced by *Street Legend]

    20: Kiss Of Betrayal [Hug Of Judas] [Unlisted Bonus]- got to listen to this some more before I say anything about it.
    [Produced by *Lazyon?]

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    ^^ Fuck off with that....


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