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    Quote Originally Posted by ArcherPriest View Post
    seen disperin shells that fell from the supra
    priest n eversick, to hell with you losers
    ring ya mufuckin bells with the ruger
    we survived the pits of hell tippin booze up
    stayin blunted ..with pussy that play in covens
    thru they snatches we traffic that cake to ovens
    cave ya lungs in, spit vapors from flamin onions
    we giants, like babe 'n bunyon, slangin' axes..
    lumberjack masked crackaz whos cravin' blackness
    thoughts illlogic profane 'n our brains is backwards
    yo the crow 'n the jokers our favorite actors
    cuz them fuckers is DEAD! under graves in pastures
    if you breathe we dont like you, the same as pastors
    slice you, view what's inside like we breakin' passwords
    yo we stays on our grind like a page in Thrasher
    heavybag mufuckaz that hang from rafters
    beat with clubs, fuck tiger, WE play the Masters
    'why we's callin the shots' like its blazers/mavericks
    crusty blood on these clothes thrown in stanky hampers
    suds erupt from the soap when erasing splatters
    left'em stuck on the rope with they faces battered
    pedals stuck to the floor, we evade the capture

    .....In Capua's pastures unbathed,snaggin bitches with bladez,beheading Rome's new captures,velociraptor rapture,priest and 666 the first prehistoric bastards!!!,left on the step of a cave dwelling of fascist's,black magic practice,bendin the egotistical backwards,untill they meet defeat,the appropriate package.........

    With the new testament torn,the meak inherit the earth while Archer bless up the scorned,,while triple 6 injest souls of broken beautys and relay the porn,got 4 cuntz impailed on the red dead devils hornz,BON BON Rza passed me IronFist blueprints to form,exploding rhyme fragments mind magnets,,dragnet of the swarm........killa beez stalking....sting soldering the wheel chair of steve hawking,professor x,ex military mind fuck offering,And u thought u were safe,just another epitomy faked,u get splashed in yo fuckin face cuz we shine like we fate,charm the baddest bitch with adjectives tongue lashes of savages brutal destination no invitation too masochist!.........
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    "We discourteous creatures, features of repetitive
    feaster's,that pray on the opposite optical of logical people"

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