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Thread: Welcome to the Wu Dojo

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    My reign will be pure as toxic rain/
    cleanse emcees from the brain to the jugular vein/
    pain is stitch I saw with a precision to maim/
    Who want war? the last emcee couldn’t even find the door/
    too confused and bruised he swore he saw a matador at the door /
    him being the bull-shYt he got stabbed the crowd begs for more /
    killng is only sweet if you leave no witnesses/
    before you know it im knocking on your do like Jehovah witnesses’/
    reading scriptures of battle from the mental/
    Lounging with the late greats going against me suicidal/
    rock emcees to the grave leave teeth in the cradle/
    so they can smile back at yo moms yo life -a fable /
    drown yo soul in my spit and watch that shit paddle/
    battle? Cain? are you Able? whoever whenever getting gushed and dangled /
    my teeth are still shining like Golden Arms bangles/
    swords sharp as never and they rusty like Freaky Tah murder caper/
    fuck you bleeding on paper remember O.D.B ill fuck your ass up /
    SUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU /dice you up throw you in a casino with Al’pacino

    Crazy and DEMENTED

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    u dont wann fuck wid me cuz wen i get pissed my glocc goez clik clak/
    time 4 a fake ass biatch to go home in a sack/
    dont wanna die by a gun choose ur fate cuz il kill u anyway/
    so u lil hos better go church n pray/
    espicially if ur lil bitch ass is gay/
    dont like my rhymes den fuk u u dum ho/
    cuz u piss me off an ill fuckin blow/
    espicially if a fake nigga try n steal my flow/
    im tellin u 1 last time dont make me lose my fuse/
    cuz ill beat ya so hard ur ass gona be on da newz/
    steal ur money n use it 2 buy swayed shoes/
    n i got a message 4 da cops i dnt lev no clues/
    only evidence u gonna have is da muthafucker who aint breathin/

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    this guys a joker, so i gotta batman, lousville slugger and a mask ak with a bannana...
    thats an ak the bannanas for the aftermath with your moms fag,
    i know you wish you could plug your ass with that..
    this fucker faker then plastic, fuck with your atoms but this aint a science class..
    take out this garbage pick him up at his home occupation garbageman..
    honest fam, im all over the street like campaigns for the presedential election..
    you all over the street cause left you in more pieces then paper in the shredder..
    you couldnt pop even if you owned a gun..
    you couldnt rob even if you rolled with curtis jackson..
    you couldnt even touch a kid if you were michael jackson...
    only thing you blow is your daddys privates section..
    only fuse you lit was meant to blow out your birthday candles..
    your rhymes are softer then a babys skin in pampers..
    leave you in the middle of no where sleeping in a bag like campers...
    disorient you, drug your mother then have you fuck her on video.. and send it to your father while hes in the middle of work bro..
    many various ways you can get, teach you how to kill like a military barracks...
    meh forget it
    working cause of cause??

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    Default Lyrical Exercise

    Its like dreams have become reality, lifes a technicality..
    my lyrical expertise is known as an abnormality..
    Rhymes and synonyms, you don't understand the definitions..
    my bars in coalitions, my homies are murder technicians..
    It's always pre-meditated when my enemies are decapitated..
    i'm faded and heavily sedated when i perform the x-rated..
    Blast your brain, slice your fucken neck..
    check my tech, my steel leaves a wreck..
    Blood stains from my murderous reigns..
    stuck in chains while i piss on your remains..
    with trece vallas in your dome, fuck the funeral home
    i leave no flesh, just the bones..
    who can write a line thats as sick as mine..
    cock my nine and send chills down your spine..
    im heavenly divine, and i redifine the meaning of time..
    by standing where the past and future intertwine..

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    Yawn, I just read through all the way to page motherfuckin' 31
    Makes me wanna slap you all like some kinda bastard dirty son
    You all sound the same and it's lame, please explain
    Is every account that posted here owned by the same guy
    who tries and tries too hard to be hard, but why?!
    "microscope, microscope, bullet, bullet, big word"
    shut the fuck up and turn off your computers you nerds

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    The dragon must've been drunk, I couldn't tell after the optimo blunt
    Call in the double, dude ain't known to pull his own stunts
    leave you weezin through the gap that used to be fronts
    Got a blender just to eat his captain crunch, munch through these pussies
    Orgies on the set, its all the same I leave the scene soakin wet
    You ain't a vet with these lyrics, you gotta be home by curfew
    Runnin over these faggots, lookin at the mess in the rear-view

    Support the Real. Click HERE

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    just some quick words

    yo check it, I bust hardcore raps like the radio
    have no twin, so the same pussy ain't happening bro
    stay fresh like a mint, my words is what the press print
    I ain't bi-sexual, but my ass got every one guessing
    now don't come through acting big and bad fool
    sick punches, head rests only when theres mad drool
    The, U. NY Knicks. NY Jets. NY Mets. > Ur teams = The Truth

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    on the move solo, in the streets like a promo...
    smooth butter coco, 22's and some low pros..
    you couldnt kick it, you still in the dojo..
    your wfiey was my old hoe, still talk dirty on the phone though...
    just as dirty as the chrome 4, disect you at your front door..
    dont even need that money or that raw..
    cause we sittin on the top, ladder space ran out..
    went from nicks to an ounce, qp to a pound..
    now we shippin to towns, envelopes no stamps, we gettin it now..

    back to this panzi, after im down with you be looking like a tranny..
    have you turn to bitch, spit lava leave your burned to crisp..
    working cause of cause??

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    commandeer ya whip unarmed my glare harm
    snares from death drum pierce barriers, ring the alarm
    you dead, a chump, fuckers I make y'all in debt
    wet, thats the verb victims inherit from my tek
    I'm one bitch that worth ya time like Mona Lisa
    beat ya a sixth sense like ghost, one of my feature
    I mold and create, I'm the mad scientist you must avoid
    y'all ploy, toy with schemes y'all just left a void
    The, U. NY Knicks. NY Jets. NY Mets. > Ur teams = The Truth

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    this chip of the old block get thrown into a wood chipper..
    messin with a suicidal ligiment ripper cut air slicker..
    squeeze trigger, working with six figures..
    these mans still on teh wallet size im staring at the big picture...
    tryna get rich quicker, one night stands, and shootin shit with the sinners..

    muder you and send your corpse to your grand mom..
    yous a pussy so i tol my bitch to throw in her diaphram..
    fucking with me got a question like whats up, ill give you an answer..
    brandish the banger, dump loads in you treat you like the hamper..
    your lady sitting on my lap but i aint santa, but she loving the present..
    the future looking better now she thinking after she suck it..
    working cause of cause??

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    I hit your lungs like a breath of fresh air
    you see dead bodies, that's how the best fared
    dare any pair to a handicap match I smother
    ya claimed heat, know you like brother from another mother
    dumber the new come too me, so I kill them
    and I know you pussy, you'd never risk ya gems
    I'm too nice you and the world know it
    labeled five stars plus rated R so show it
    your claimed army is ya two fist
    slice belly's with my knuckle sandwich
    so you say your nice, I'mma take a slice
    and hold the weight like a game of dice
    so quit trying to get a piece of me like ring tones
    these lyrics destroy stars making them implode
    I'm still standing cause the crowd chanting
    my name cause they know I'm expanding
    my wordplay to twist their brains like a pinky promise
    radiating around the nearest city with these bomb hits
    The, U. NY Knicks. NY Jets. NY Mets. > Ur teams = The Truth

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    i fill you with lead and i aint talkin from a pencil
    got you bleedin out your body like you was on your menstrual
    while you wrtie your battle you tryin to be original
    no homie you need to be spiritual
    prayin to your god cause now you in purgatory
    what you mean round 2 that was the rest of the story
    there aint no rebutallin i know you comprehend i aint stutterin
    i dont wanna hear your lines just cease it
    your last battle stunnk so bad dusk should have febrezed it
    not justin maskin the odor but eliminating it completly
    disposing of your remains discreetly
    and ya poetic did win ERADICATE
    how about the grounds about to saturate
    all your blood as i leave you mangled like i was jigsaw
    you wanna be a smart ass on my battle nigga you next dawg
    ya that was a challenge you been slapped in the face wit a leather glove
    when im done with you all you gonna hear is Black Eyed Peas singin Where Is The Love?

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