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Thread: Welcome to the Wu Dojo

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    I don't look down on people, i just don't reach out to them
    Your entire races existance is linear, thats why i'm doubting them
    I spit my life in lyrics, interwined with desire
    Brits, your nation is run by Mrs Doubtfire
    I broadcast thoughts and hand signals through ley lines
    ....When death comes, it's play time
    Death is a dancer, so keep away
    One day i'll play operation and sell DNA
    like the greys their abductions are PHAT
    They make your mothers pussy look like a dead rat
    Don't stop! so much talk when i walk
    they smother a brother and paralyse his thoughts
    I clown around with sound thats bound to move you
    and spit the funky shit that people want to groove to
    MC Killing, rap type: Villian
    You failed the Boss, your lost in a holocaust
    Kill the Queen, lyrical Cannibal at leisure
    I treasure and Swallow a RULER for good 'Measure'
    The tyrant, i'm violent
    I'll fucking punch in your Fucking face if you don't do a Sponsored silence (drops the mic and vanishes)

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    Mere mortals get orphaned, leave your face in contortions
    On your knees praying for a time machine and an abortion
    Try to reach my heights with a glider, I call it my home
    From out the dome my souls shown and for a nominal fee
    You can call it your own, A flag flown, another seed sown
    I can just be warmin up and still cook a turkey
    Your fake tales aint real so how could they hurt me?
    This ain't about who's worthy, its about makin moves
    before time checks in with the earth to return me
    My rhyme sessions are lessons for those with a ear to hear
    I push the pedal but I try to let God steer
    Some didn't know how to push it or chose the brakes instead
    Its all good, when I get there we're gonna all brake bread
    Got the organic crops and pastures,
    Clean bbq and beer from here to everafter,
    Laughter and new chapters for the history of man
    You got one life homie, make it count where you stand
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    Default HAARP style technology to lure you back in

    Two years ago a plan was drawn against me
    There was a weird myst about the air that would try to tempt me
    I was overcome by several forces and taken down
    Malicious Energy reducing the vital signs in my crown
    Now it's happening again so i've decided it's time
    To spit out the facts in a cold hearted rhyme
    I notice again are the Full Moon and Satellites
    Empathetic torture making me want to start a fight
    I aint scared, infact my evolution is vital
    I evolved to break the physical life and death cycle
    Now this seems funny but dont you dare laugh
    Imagine Bush on a cycle-path being taken down by a psychopath
    Last time during lunch at sunnyside
    One of the nurses whispered my name right by my side
    Am i supposed to believe this was a hallucination?
    Think T2 Sarah Connor getting licked in the face as a patient
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    Red face

    To that nigga
    Bomshot, I make ya
    duck-n Crouch in da
    Ya, slouchin' in ya seat, when ya
    Doubtin that It's beef
    I'm insane Nigga, from teh Psychoward
    I'm on a Wu-Tang tip, put you Down as
    a Lord
    Put-ya-down, but
    Ya diss jedi-mind,
    but they doin it
    If ya
    Jump out-ya-Sweater
    i'm leatha, facin' ya
    clan, outpacing you
    You, dont
    even-know-me but read-my-Statements like Damn

    [This isn't the diss]

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    Panoramic View
    Mind, Body, Spirit,
    I always play to win, that's the way that i live it
    death, impacting Cosmic Companionship
    Trust the outcome, control events
    Vibrational control structure
    Shock of its life
    Isolate your awareness, twice is twice
    there was absolutely no accident
    tide is turning
    the tipping point, the joint is burning
    intensity of the synchronicity increases
    Dismantle my enemy
    Channel this energy
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    Cock-nose, fat-head, smack-head, that's dead
    Rap's dead, Attack Med, with hair, that's-red
    Intelligent linguistics
    You can never eat spinnich with an alien visage
    Doubtin' Kryton, the Mountains Fighting
    A gargantuan hill with a moat and a pill
    Steven Pagans dad cheeked me up in Andys a lil
    Big Bad Andy creeping through the letterbox
    I got Marks & Spencer, but Albert got better-socks
    Boxing-day Chalk-Winny, Bought-Tinny
    A Flampungent mouth destroyer eats a little Miny

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    Red face

    Birth-Death, Old-Young, Big-Small
    Strong-Weak, Up-Down, Square-Round
    Rich-Poor, Beginning-End, Fast Slow
    Pain-Pleasure, Win-Lose, pass go
    Day-Night, in-out, Full-Empty,
    Right-Wrong, Success-Fail, Give-Receive
    United-Divided, Creation-Destruction, Positive-Negative
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    No bullets no guns, cheap air discounted lungs
    Comic book slums painted page with no range
    Thick skull with no brain, playing target practice
    For a sniper with deadly aim, your claims is lies
    Sweeter than cherry pie, typa bitch quick to testify
    Save himself to let others fry
    I exceed gimmicks, behead lieutenants, evict tenants
    Your remnants is petrified dog shit, people wish you'd pick up instead of droppin it

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    You Trytophanetic, never apologetic for being kinetic, me sleep? Forget it.
    It'll never happen, you swabbin decks for the captain, bound to walk planks,
    Get too close and catch shanks, top rank, Arum calling to be a promoter,
    Fuck your silver spoons, I murder Ricky Schroeders, Kurt Loder got your story
    On the front page news, my damage hangs around kinda like tattoos
    Get your crew they can all get bruised and battered, Eyes catching rings like Saturn
    Watch the patterns as I shift turn corners like Tokyo drift, lift myself up from the grips of poverty
    You fruit flies is really too small to bother me

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    for a year and a half i was forced to take risperidone
    blocking your emotions, fucking witcha dome
    4 3 2 1 milligram, kill-a-man
    acting like a zombie but deep down still a man
    4 months later still in withdrawl
    recovery is weird but still i have a ball
    I smoke weed for a week, for my serotonin
    And now Cocaine Powder for the dopamine to get me going
    you see the doctors block all these chemicals for fun
    they think i'm crazy and that i should be weak and dumb
    I'm now on a killing spree, running around splendidly
    Psychosis is the prognosis for all my enemies
    They weren't addicts so what exactly did they want or need?
    they used their minds in ways modern day man cant imagine
    we are such lazy fucks now who dont want to think we just want glorified action

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    Default Beat him to the Crunch

    I'm gonna beat this Nigga, gonna beat this nigga
    Run up in his mommas crib and CHOP her in the Neck
    I'mma crunch this nigga, i'mma crunch this Nigga
    Take him outside click click (Boom!) with the trigger
    You don't know what just happened
    You suffering from a fracture
    You rebel let me catch you, I'll beat you belly bastard
    You have a bad concussion, from triple six bone rushin'
    You all beat up and busted, you shouldn't have pressed that button
    You all bloody and bumy, you yellin' for you mommy
    And people think it's funny, quit tryin' to out run me
    Your eyes are blue and black and, your clothes are ripped and tackin'
    You thought that you could hack it, you shouldn't have wore that jacket
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    Hey there with a hard glare but a soft stare, a hare ready to hop in a hole
    That ain't your block its too hot for you to hold, blood in the gutters, blood from your mothers that passed through your veins, that went from free queens and kings to shackled chains, they can't and won't reign forever, the weather and storms change so we gotta change together or get blown away in the storm, media showers that twist you to conform, They shout War and you wait for the bell to ring while foreigns pray for God and the justice he brings, its the only thing to save them, Cause the US brings a paddle when they think you misbehavin, or a haven for whatever they want, you either cut a deal or prepare to get stomped, and it really don't matter win or lose, what's right or whats wrong, we lost Vietnam, they lost two million Vietcong

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    start the war warriors who oppose are marked for sure
    heads who talk blasphemy through windows make sure they locked their doors
    rappers trying to dig deep will never reach the core
    without the knowlege of the earth u can't stop the lord
    Drop the chord got a gatling to back the sword
    Choices to make before the autopsy and wake
    never relate to the fake never speak to the jakes
    i'm peace with my pace fuck being one of the greats
    consistency is the key narrow path by the lakes
    I get lifted not talking about weights
    me and my crew do daily meetings like the A.A. about this cake
    from grace to disgrace i withdrew from this human race
    a universal soulja holding the head of snakes

    My evidence, my own testament, written on wood
    Twelve tribes layin at the head of corners in hoods
    Hell razah

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    I came around to cause doom, ya too
    materialistic, Schwarze kommen um
    my rhymes rock people, and i can spit with fury
    rappers in a crime, i dont have to sway the jury
    i came here unmasked blew you back with the blast
    come back on track, out the door with the cash
    im gonna be first when the bubble starts burstin
    so down goes you now the pain will start to worsen
    The style i chose, seperation of foes
    flowing out syllables, a style that grows
    Altered agents, a mental patient
    i see things in my room come out my statements
    germs are coming closer just to lead you off track
    gotta show by flowing to destroy all the wack
    You love the Toastman, go and clap ya hands
    if you wanna take a stand then ill be damned

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    Cataclysmic craters are remnants to ones greater
    Got a grip like darth vader when you fuckin with my paper
    In a world of corporate raiders all traders are traitors
    Not worth the air they breath nor the cobra they keep tucked in the sleeve
    Known to keep heads rockin like christopher reeves
    I break down how this world deceives and I don't believe in none of its riches
    But those that lack freedom tend to be broke bitches
    And I'm tired of this chain disguised as a clock when the they print more money
    To keep the senators on lock and presidents suckin cock
    For prime time slots and an army of robots

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