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Thread: Welcome to the Wu Dojo

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    Karate chop
    Off the top counter drop like a soda pop
    Pass the mop
    Dish up some slop for shorty Do Wop
    Pass me the mic time to excite
    No sike slide down the turn pike
    Outta sight gaurd your third-eye right
    Left is on the theft
    So what do you accept ?
    I intercept whatever you expect
    Take respect with supreme intellect
    Stay on the subject
    Tape recorder eject
    Cross me and you a reject
    My rhymes detect what your head tries to protect
    I got the mental gullotine routine it's obscene
    Squash Beef make it lean
    Mean money making machine
    Only fuck pussy that's clean
    Seldom seen check out the movie scene
    Me and the beauty queen
    Been had em' all since I was a teen
    Even during halloween
    That one came to me dressed as a sex pheene
    I'm all for the Cream
    About me girls dream
    The whole cheerleader team
    No other than me it would seem

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    splendid, blendid,
    lyrically congested,
    flowing like my weapon...
    of choice,
    pat your waist,
    for the piece,
    real close to groeans...
    this shits annoying,
    getting high
    only time
    ican commt to over come
    the over flow of memorey
    i sustain nd tame
    so i dont holocaustly
    vanish bodies
    in the air all lofting,
    be mothers mourning,
    shits annoying
    working cause of cause??

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    So let's see the score board
    Crowd roar
    Left you more than poor
    It's me that they adore
    Fuck your whore
    Left her pussy tore
    You do my chore
    Like mop the floor
    While I hit your girl through the back door
    Enough about her though
    I'm a talk about the doe
    How I crashed your show
    My wicked flow
    Magnificent glow
    Took it to them front row
    Leave you like a car that needs a tow
    Bet by now you know

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    smokin cats without no filter..
    charcoal on the grill when we mr winter..
    flip ya grill ya now i gotta grip up..
    lookin like a puppet when i pull the strings on the rachet..
    match it and get sparked up quika then a rabbit or..
    here, queer, mere, pear, snack on you if you tryna get a meal..
    steal, peel, steel, real, deal, squeal, seal, feel, real defialed....
    mediocre mild, buffalo wild, hustler style, hunnie alway get viled...
    for the slight nights that bgins out the night light in after hours..
    always going back to time like austin powers..
    and money is time nd time is money aint shit funy when i plot on you dummies.....
    working cause of cause??

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    now i skipped back in the mix, cause im back for mthe mist, and back from the shit....
    you couldnt understand,or even comprehend, fiends is friends cause ghostface said be nice to the crack heads..
    cause who suppotting the world, i know it aint youand your job wih you two lil girls..
    man i run in for diamonds nd pearls, fuck the furs, only dead animal is your pet onthe carpet. when you walking in front first to the bloody doggy faucet.............
    use your face to mop it, then have you body mob kid.. ( its soft biz )
    stoopin lower then stoops, with hoooligans nd goofs playin the wound... ( that how it do )
    bodying cats i dont recommend, setting up aquaintances and then being friends makes my heart not icy with wind numb to begin ......
    working cause of cause??

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    born to ice once or twice
    entice in ya head like lice
    turn men to mice
    chop a stick nigga like rice
    first i pay respects to the rap sense
    then i use my pen and slay
    prison dorrs barring
    in the dojo sparring
    i bow to my enemy grab da mic cord
    and i whip out ma lyrical sword
    for da quest da tournament i claim my reward
    a rhyme drive by eniticated in a ford
    particapated in the rap game bettah then killin on da boards
    when i come through they pray to they lord
    cuz im nice wit da scythe and not to bad wit da axe
    ma shit flippin niggas like flap jacks
    guns in da backpack whats so ill?
    if it get hard best believe blood spill
    1 2 3 im going for the kill
    100 200 300 dolla bills
    u know how i feel
    steel ta dome
    22's 24's spinnin chrome
    light a niggas chest up like E.T. phone home
    i spit acid leave nuttin but bones
    and i leave da murda scene alone

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    benevolence irrelavence
    testament hell i spent
    hustlin rocks
    shotty pumpin cops
    gotti pushin rocks
    hottie hitta spot
    hitin da body witta glock
    beat continuous neva stop
    where they get got and get shot
    smoke pot whinin like a tea kettle
    crack in the back drug pedal
    headpeice fractured by ma metal
    lead beats mo trees den a meddow
    follow cock swallow
    easy peasy lemon squeazy
    imma baller like off da heezy
    wuts up?
    shut up
    get got
    what the fuck
    bleedin from da snub
    drank a irish brew pub
    i popped e witta bitch in the club
    konichiwa bitches givin me backrubs

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    gasoline nd oil cleanse your cuts...
    when i toss you ass into the bath tub...
    firey wishes, with no witness sentence...
    some call it serial, few know its relevanace...
    i got the control, to mold nd unfold..
    unravel when im razzle dazzled..
    new damn fangled semiautmatic jammas..
    haev you silly fools preped up for your funeral pajamas..
    arithimitic,planning essential pix's nd sticks..
    wanting kane more then man kind..
    wanting more brains then torturing with syanide..
    souls arise, from crimson tides, causes affiliates to enact suicides..
    working cause of cause??

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    Alright what's been happening
    Time for some rhyme clapping
    Mc's on their toes tapping
    Choke em' like the mic cord I'm wrapping
    My dick they wanna be jacking
    Like the guns I'm packing
    Lick off a shot to their thoughts their brain rots
    I rule all up in their drug spots
    Hot like pans and pots
    Bullets in my clips rock
    All through-out blocks chicks around me flock
    Faces left in shock
    Point gats at you like the hands of the clock
    Time's up sands through the hour glass slip like strands
    Got your ass
    Fled before police harass
    Trespass through your place left you out of gas
    Get out of jail free pass but that won't last
    Make you history as in the past

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    When i hit the stage and spit the blaze niggas think i fired a 12 guage/
    freestyle for 12 days with no shelter, just a flashlight in a dark cave/
    My flow out of this world like Andre 3000's clothing taste/
    I hate to break squads up, but ya block got money and i got product/
    I didn't wanna abduct ya wifey, duct tape her mouth, and videotape our fuck/
    But i'm a nut for nuttin' on hoes,and sluts/
    Your in the cut, i caught you creeping and gave ya testicles cuts/
    I'm what ma feared i'd grow up to be, a looney tune mc/
    crooked cops puttin' bugs on my phone, i cut the pigs ears like bunnies/
    For the love of money your own wifey will clap you with a gat dunny/
    niggas rap funny like stand-up comedians, no way i'll collab with them/
    But i'll rob em' for all their bling, and pistol whip em' that's punishment/

    My evidence, my own testament, written on wood
    Twelve tribes layin at the head of corners in hoods
    Hell razah

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    ^^ okay im sorry to say but that one did not meet up with your standards... cant even reply to that one...
    working cause of cause??

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    Default 12 Zodaic Signs

    Some quick shit to speed things up a bit
    Play with your bitches clit
    Slide up her slit than cum on her tit
    She loved the shit
    Told me how she liked to watch it spit
    Like rhymes with spicy wines grapes soft off the vines
    Nobody dare fuck with my mines
    I've stole more hearts than cupid's arrows on Valentines
    Capricorns' with their fly uniforms all up in their dorms
    Test average they pass like Norms
    No diggin up in dirt like worms
    Libras' got tamed like zebras had em' smoking like cheeba
    Their hearts running fast like cheetas
    Aquarius' pussies left all watery like ocean tides to carry us various
    Nealry did bust with so much force I did thrust
    Did my best not to cuss I know about me they'll never fuss
    Easily gained much more of their trust
    Tauraus' never said ignore us my nuts they explorers
    Off came all their clothes they wore less in the nude with finess
    Plus they love the fitness stuck to them like business
    Can I get a witness ?
    Geminis' never lies looked all up in their eyes left em' creamy like pies
    And a few marks all over their thighs
    Leos' made more sound than radios' had em' on all fours for days yo
    Needless to say they got a few A's no
    Cancers' made a few glances then jumped around like prancers
    Took off my pants and they was dancers certainly not pranksters
    Aries' like princesses don't like messes
    Only me up in their dresses
    Like a proffessor to me their many confesses
    Virgos' there it goes
    Nobody knows oddly enough with bodies that were Godly
    Had em' saying golly plus all up on my lolly
    Jolly ranchers like for example Molly
    Scorpios' know the scores, slept on floors some labeled as whores
    I had sweat coming out their pores
    Pussy probes left no spores
    Capricorns' bought a few ice cream cones pictures of me in their domes
    Even wrote a few poems with their names engraved in stones
    Loud moans sound amplified by microphones
    Pisces' no didn't smell like fish pussy raw like sushi on a dish
    Most only wish caught up in the mix
    They all loved the pool though like my stick
    So many if I were to name I couldn't pick
    Sagittauraus' just right out notorius
    Fierce like amazonian warriors no other worries
    Sharp visions never blurries
    Pussies hot like cooking pots of curries
    That's all twelve zodiac signs fakes resign lose their designs
    At all times like different months I get my shines

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    i cut thru emcees like hacksaws
    get em all puzzled up like jigsaw
    whats d word out there,am a feared entity
    cos i bang on fools and they dont no my identity
    its funny how this niggas wanna make enemies
    but the shine in ur hand,u become frenemies
    i dont do all bling bling ice cream rap
    all them emcees show that rap has got a big gap
    with ur mouth so open,u start to yap
    i beg for the world,pls shut ur trap
    if u wanna survive,then go sell crack
    cos we dont need survivers,so slash that track
    if u catch me in a good mood,i make u cry
    if iget in a bad mood,then i make u die
    dont be fooled by my words men i dance with wolves
    u cant be me men so dont get in the groove
    there's a thin line between failure and success

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