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Thread: Godfather, HELP!

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    I am bored with this game now. Too much repetition.
    18th March 2006

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    Quote Originally Posted by B-Hop
    no u don't need all the film scripts cus I never got all the film scripts and I made EDon of NYC....did u answer the phone at one of your apartments???? did u meet with Clemenza in the Basement of the Corleone estate???

    also, do u have all of the safe houses??? u need to buy all the safe houses as well
    yeah I did aaall that.. I picked up the phone, but nothing happens.. I also went to the original corleone mansion, but all clemenza says is that I gotta extort bussinesses and keep the money coming.. But when I look on the map, every shop is controlled by corleone.. I also tried to fight those boxers which was in some of the shops, but it didn't help either.. And I also tried to stop those trucks that'll show me new stores.. but they don't stop, just continues to drive, even when the car is burning..

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