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Thread: Calzaghe v Peter Manfredo??

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    Prince Rai

    Default Calzaghe v Peter Manfredo??

    yep, manfredo from the contender up against calzaghe???


    to be honest, this would be a better fighting line up than joe v rjj!!

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    is manfredo even a contender where is he ranked???

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    Prince Rai


    Quote Originally Posted by B-Hop
    aw man!!!!! sorry, but i was looking forward to joe vs RJJ, i was sooooo pissed when RJJ vs B-hop was cancelled (my 2 fav boxers since Tyson left, but I also like Gatti and Mayweather) I wanna see RJJ fight dammit! I know RJJ isn't what he once was, but I still like him, I hope since RJJ isn't fighting Joe anymore, I hope he considers fighting B-Hop again, I know theres issues with $$$ and I know B-Hop will probably retire after the Tarver fight, but just think of the $$$ that would come in for that fight! Guaranteed it would be one, if not the biggest PPV thats happened for boxing in a long time. Anywyaz, i gotta say I'm not looking forward 2 this fight.
    nah nah, i get u!
    rjj will always have that presence about him in the ring. and him fighting joe would be very good to watch. the dollar problem is the issue though. RJJ knows he wont be champ again like he was back then, so hes chasing the money.

    the only concern for me is that joe gets an opponent who will FIGHT for the sake of pursuing his future boxing career. RJJ is passed that.
    Manfredo will provide a lot of entertaining action for Joe, and in no way will that be gay action.

    Rjj, needs a fight with BHOP, thats a fight that will get money. not with joe necessarily.


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    The Pride of Wales and the Pride of Providence huh. Well I guess that's better than fighting someone ranked around 50 where most of the contender aftermath fights go. But lets be honest even though Peter was the second best fighter on the contender (ishe-1,sergio-3), he's going to get handled by Calzaghe. I can see this fight ending Peter's career.

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    Prince Rai


    no doubt, joe will win this for sure.

    but the hype about manfredo getting such a chance is that, he fought better with freddy as coach, and that he fights better in a higher weight category and that he won against pemberton by stoppage.

    this is chance for him, and he is a warrior, albeit a "warrior".

    although calzaghes triumph over lacy has got me dazzled as well, i still think this may go further than anticipated in terms of rounds.

    perhaps manfredo could do this.

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