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Thread: Tek Stylez' Word Play Ground ((Official Cypher Thread))

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    Default Tek Stylez' Word Play Ground ((Official Cypher Thread))

    This is a thread for all yall that be rippin shit with multi's, flow, and wordplay

    I'll drop a few writtens

    Refrain from typical activity i spit naturally
    Study your anatomy and blow out your chest cavity
    Divine strategies foes who oppose killed tactically
    Destroy any emcee bold enough to battle me
    Eradicate my prey with murderous word play
    Stimulate pain when my treachurous verbs spray
    Eliminate lame rappers innocuous to my grace
    Inebriate snakes that hate with venomous taste
    Vocal incisions creatin severe brain schysms
    Leavin emcees in cataclysms with smooth rythm
    twenty twenty i observe with perfect vision
    Listen as my mind and tongue operate in unision
    Riffin spread my wings like a griffon take flight
    first in fight the knight with the iron mic
    delivered slightly to the right so it might
    catch u in your lean wit 16 yall lost right?

    Teknickel incredible credible lyrics
    Fear it writin lines beyond coherant
    In a near bliss state of ryhmin can u hear it?
    Insomniac drainin tracks like I'm vampiric
    Shine like flourecsent assessin your lesson
    the wild adolescent countin all his blessins
    withstandin the testin till im gone restin
    born a peasent life wasnt always this pleasent
    Digestin readers digest out of context
    my evil eye leave you hexed wit a complex
    think you safe cuz u Wore your teflon vest
    fools dont know its best to protect your necks
    Stylez is criminal stealin the track literally
    literal subliminal individual not commercially
    Actions actual actually factual practically
    practical all natural flo rippin you happily
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