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Thread: Tek Stylez' Word Play Ground ((Official Cypher Thread))

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    She sells sea shells by the sea shore,
    She tells me "well, I’m a cheap whore",
    Sister Suzie, sewing shirts for soldiers,
    Lifts the uzi, throwing spurts that scald ya,

    The fickle finger of fate flips fat frogs flat,
    The sick fool lingers in wait, grips Matts Blogg’s gat,
    Few free fruit flies fly from flames,
    Two weak mute guys cry from shame,

    Top chopstick shops stock top chopsticks,
    Stop, drop quick, cops, glocks drop cops quick,
    A proper cup of coffee in a copper coffee cup,
    A copper’s pup ate toffee dinner, dropped and coughed me up,

    Fran feeds fish fresh fish food,
    Dan reads Trish’s death wish mood,
    Four free-flow pipes flow freely,
    Storm’s team coach hypes O’Meally,

    Lesser leather never weathered lesser wetter weather,
    Pressured, Heather levered a tethered mess of netted feathers,
    Lonely lowland llamas are ladylike,
    Only foes and karma harp shady dykes,

    Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers,
    Freda’s viper pricked the necks of crippled lepers,
    Paul, please pause for proper applause,
    Tall fees cause more shoppers to pause,

    I saw Suzie sitting in a shoe shine shop,
    Jye Moore grew the fitting winner two fine crops,
    Sherman shops at cheap chop suey shops,
    Herman drops, Matt leaps, hops to the top,

    Bake big batches of bitter brown bread,
    Jake’s pig hatches a litter of sow heads,
    A bloke’s bike back brake block broke,
    I smoke Mike’s crack, baked rocks of coke,

    Roberta ran rings around the Roman ruins,
    I alert ya, Dan sings sounds no man’s doin’,
    ‘Round the rugged rocks the ragged rascal ran,
    I found the buggered clock in the haggard rascal’s hand,

    Four furious friends fought for the phone,
    More curious men brought forth the throne,
    Five fat friars frying fat fish,
    Their wives chat buyers into trying that dish,

    Sally slits sheets, she’s a sheet slitter,
    McNally knits neat, he’s a neat knitter,
    Six shy shavers sheared six shy sheep,
    Mick’s high neighbours steered Vic’s white jeep.
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    Allow me to crush this.

    My mind is mental frustration fused with thoughts for a nation
    Combined with hate for the faces who forgot to escape this
    Unstoppable matrix constructed but I plot in the basement
    To budge it my budget is profit but face it I’m nothing
    When stopped in the rain an I plummet through optical
    Pain and the summit is something binocular aim won’t discover
    Hidden and smothered deep within religion which was it
    The notion to plunder feelings devoted to loving, or
    Emotional struggles motioned though folks in discussion
    That made my soul tumultuous, fuck it …
    You ever notice how lonely the pen is…before you touch it?
    If only this pen man’s ship departed, I’d flow on forever
    But see my penmanship’s embarked in, a whirlpool like tenure
    Bringing me deep into reality, I dive and tackle the breeze
    Good bye to, hassles an dreams which time’ll shatter believe
    Our mind can flatter the scene with imagination fastened complete
    With contraptions known as pens of which I compete with actions
    To open my chest and delete this passion holding my head
    And shoulders – soulless, roaming this dead end knowing
    My opus is left open groping notions of a dead mans potion
    Notes of bliss shadowed in tortured fits of families’ fortune pissed
    Away into a society chosen to die and seem hopeless but this…
    Emotional rift convokes a gathering…I boast convulsive
    Focal salaries of which I coast my travesties afloat I hope…
    To carry thee and pay the pardon challenge me through
    Blazing gardens swimming through the ashes harden
    My soul, my life is drama..as this imagination bothers
    A passionate hold capturing poems, my brain is costumed
    By a Dracula robe…afraid of the light….speak my words
    In the dark – my flask is now old’n I sink deep in the hurt

    Caught up with the sky
    Shot at God.

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    haha noel dope shit man i dont understand a word ur saying tho

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    Quote Originally Posted by J.T.S. View Post
    Victims of the ghetto life, addicts of the ice
    That can't be saved by Christ
    Tired of fighting demons in life
    one chose the throat slice
    Ultimate price, thoughts shiesty
    As i seen em in the coffin dressed nicely
    Holding his wifey, as she's screaming why me??
    Their li'l babies three, and won't see her papi for eternity
    Fire burns in me
    as i see shorties running down the wrong road
    Were raised in a world so cold
    Youngins thugging with no goals
    One day they grow old homeless wit nowhere to go
    So they become junkies, and winos
    40 years old wondering where did the time go?
    Reality drove many off the ledge
    They didn't take heed to lessons spread
    They didn't do the knowledge
    damn son u got the visual cues in their man telling stories while flipping vocab

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    Peace Chaos!

    Corporate corporation corruption, errupting disruptions
    seductive seductions, malfunctioning mental functions
    Robotic global robocops, government pimping big shots
    Suicidal servants jumping off rooftops
    Crews, glocks, shanks, shots, rocks in socks
    Droptops, cash in a shoebox, federal agents raiding spots
    Rain drops, wrists slit, snakes slither alot
    Shootouts in parking lots, playgrounds, and bus stops
    Patty wagons, flicks, and porno book shops
    Heroine addicts, asiatics, damaged ghetto demographics,
    promos, internet radio, raised off the grimey flow
    Snow white, high life, segregation, money, and racism,
    suspision, sex positions, s.t.d.'s, war, and religon
    the dying, and living, voodo, black magic exorcism
    Giving, lust, homeless living, divison,
    subtraction, evil factions rich relaxing
    Nappy heads napping, klu klux clan laughing
    Baseball, basketball, martial arts, hood brawls
    Broken jaws, outlaws, fuck the law
    Project halls, dicks, balls, pussy, and titties
    Shitty, gritty, life living in cities
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    My evidence, my own testament, written on wood
    Twelve tribes layin at the head of corners in hoods
    Hell razah

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