Peace Corps,
I received this in my e-mail box today thought i would post it for the fam here.

Hey all,
Im sorry about the quality of the TShirts that some of yall have
recieved from FreakinRican Clothing. I have recieved several
complaints about them and I brought it to the attention of
Rayroq/WuLatino CEO and he advised that he will personally send
official WU shirts to those who have already bought them through our
old manufacturer. We will no longer work through 3rd parties for any
official clothing/promo material to maintain the quality and excellence
of WuLatino/Wutang Corp.

If you've already ordered Squad Tshirts through our old manufacturer
please email me with your name and contact info so that we can replace
them for you. If you havnt ordered them please refrain from doing so
until further notice as all material will be coming directly from