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Thread: not my usual work /wrote it to mokingbird beat

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    Default not my usual work /wrote it to mokingbird beat

    See when times got rough u were always buy my side

    Love, hate, joy u were down to ride

    No matter the time or cost I could gaze into Ur eyes and juss get lost

    And never be found, loose myself for days

    Until u bring me back to earth in crazy ways

    Damn girl I would have died for u

    No matter the cost I gave my life to u

    And what did u do ya did what all females do

    But I wonít cuss to u, juss for the sake of art

    But Iíll never forget how u broke my heart

    when i heard a that u alledgedly sex someone up in his car
    ofcourse u swore u didn't but i never listened and i'm not sure why

    Maybe I was wrong maybe u didnít lie

    And if so that guy should die ďedit that it out of the noteĒ

    Iíll slice his throat pull his skin over his forehead to watch his esophagus choke

    Thatís not a want itís a need a need to see him bleed and beg for mercy on his knees and apologize for taking u away from me

    See Iím not crazy

    I juss cared for what I had and if ur pissed than my bad naw u deserve it cuz I live wit pain my hearts constantly hurtíin

    And I have to walk around and act as if every things perfect.

    So tell me did I deserve it

    Or would u take it back if u could

    No matter what the outcomes not good

    Either heís goin in a casket or Iím goin mental

    and for the record that slap was accidental

    so hush little baby donít u cry

    I donít wanna hear no more lies

    Iím done wit ya trick ass lil bitch ass betta think fast

    Here I come

    So hush little baby donít u cry

    And u best not act surprised

    You donít care about no one except ya damn self

    Itís juss like hell
    bein friends

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    Default Re: not my usual work /wrote it to mokingbird beat

    Yah quite touching in a way, its hard trying to express in such a method, and most find that they exit from their original style. But it was nice, flowed well.
    But people should not be afraid to express parts they think is emotional, or sensitive!!!!!

    PS: would like to check more of your posts in here!!!

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