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Thread: Callin Out All Reggae Heads!!!

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    Default Callin Out All Reggae Heads!!!

    ...need sum help, bwoys... I been lookin for years for one track that I simply can't find anywhere...

    Its the original song sampled by producer Ayatollah on the Remix of "Spread Love" by Mike Zoot; also sampled by Da Beatminerz on the new Smif-N-Wessun album, track "A Hustler's Prayer". French ragga group Neg'Marrons also made a cover of this song on their single "Le Bilan"...

    ...so, anyone can help me?... PLEASE?!?!

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    ...Junior Reid also covered it on his track "Row Your Boat"... any1?

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    yeah, I also got such question:

    on Snoop dogg's "serial killer", in the beginning they say: "6 million ways to die, choose 1"

    I guess it's from "cutty ranks" but i'm not sure, anyone know from wich song this originally is ?

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    Legato and everyone... here's Mike Zoot's hip-hop version


    ...and here's Junior Reid's reggae version


    Another tip: on Smif-N-Wessun's track, the hook seems sampled from the original song... it goes: "Children say a little prayer/Every night before you go to sleep/'Cause tomorrow is promised to no one".

    ...anyone knows this??? I'm gettin' CRAZY!!!!!
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