I'm a Wu-tang fan from the begining and a Wu-tang Familly fan( Killarmy, Sunz of man, Shyheim, Royal fam etc etc. )

But i think now!!! The Wu tang is over !!
There is no CD in the last 3 years that i say WOW this is a Hot Shit !!

Rza is a good producer and Wu tang is forever but now at this moment its over!!!
Kayne West Beatz is Ill, every time i listen to those beatz and Sampler i think to RZA.

But RZA is still in his old Wu tang World, he have to do something...the Beatz is getting OLD.

Look at Kayne West , he used the same style of RZA but in todays style ( 2005!!! )
Not still in the 90's.

I think if Wu-tang got some of the Kayne Beatz, the will be on the top again.
Or if RZA change his mind, because he is still in the 90's.

I love the beatz of RZA, the rusty sounds, i still love it.!! But they are getting old!!!

That is what i think!

I hope to get some good feed backs.!!

Thanx guys.