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Thread: anyone want to battle

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    Default anyone want to battle

    whoever want's to battle go first

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    Default Re: anyone want to battle

    you go first....it'll "help your skills"
    retaliation isn't always the right option, sometimes you have to strike first...
    nah mean

    OmO > Idiom

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    Default Re: anyone want to battle


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    Default Re: anyone want to battle

    Idiom this dude is a play on words
    I'm sticking him like I'm robbing the world
    out comes my bullet from my .44 trumpets
    comical relief mc, he's softer than chicken & dumplets
    listen while I teach like KRS-One
    ya'll simple minded people follow the law's curriculum
    you couldn't last in a fight with Bruce Lee on your side
    just like the retarted and handicapped, we gotta let you slide

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