Who is this clown? His shitty Hustlin' single just topped D4L (who topped young jeezy) in the most shitty big hip-hop hits of all time.

I mean just check his lyrics from his single "hustlin" -

talk about me
cuz these suckas scared to talk about me
killas talkin bout me
it aint no talk about me
it aint no walkin round me
see all these killas round me?
lotta drug dealin round me
goin down in DaDe CouNtY
dont tote no 22's
magnum cost me 22
tatted on the 22
birds go for 22
lil momma super thick
she say she 22
she seen them 22
we in room 2-22

Those lyrics completely suck ass. I doubt there are many people on this planet who SUCK more at rapping then Rick Ross. Shame on Jay-Z for signing that faggit.