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    Here are some tracks from one of my favorite newcomers, Stimuli. IMO he has crazy flow and mad potential. If you like lyracists welcome to the future.
    There are a 9 different tracks, some are freestyles, some just mixtape cuts.

    Tell me what you think.

    Check it out: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=23WMR5DN

    Here is a breif bio on Stimuli as well:

    STIMULI is the truth. That's all there is to it. The 24-year-old Brooklyn bred emcee, may be the best thing next to cooked food. A master on the microphone, Stimuli, formally known as Sherod Khaalis and otherwise known as Sha-Stimuli is the coming of a new breed of emcee; one that stimulates your mind and moves your body simultaneously.

    Known for his charming yet unabashed cockiness, Stimuli, has been rhyming for more than 10 years. Brother to hip-hop notable Lord Digga, Stimuli's interest was perked just by virtue of being around his brother and his friends. "I would tag along, hanging out everywhere my brother and Master Ace were, whether it was the studio or the basketball courts," Stimuli reflects. Immersed in hip-hop culture at such a young age, Stimuli honed his skills, appearing on Master Ace's Slaughterhouse LP, something many 15-year-old aspiring rappers only wish to accomplish, but Stimuli had the talent, perseverance and hunger to succeed.

    As Stimuli grew older, his uncanny delivery and poetic flow began to stand out even more. In 1998, he his rhyming expertise premiered him New York City DJ Mark Ronson's track "Turntables" on the Flip Squad All Stars LP. By 1999, he took the top spot in the ORB-E Emerging Artist Award, a nationwide contest for unsigned artists. Judged by such music industry celebrities like Russell Simmons, Fat Joe and photographer Jonathan Mannion, Stimuli proved his reign as the hottest unsigned talent on the East Coast. "The award offered me the chance to perform and really show that I can rock a crowd. I'm not just a studio MC," Stimuli recalls.

    Rocking a crowd is like the cherries on top of the Stimuli ice cream of hip-hop. His incredible stage presence captures the attention of all audience members. Clean-cut, intelligent, and commanding, Stimuli's lyrics take on a life of their own when birthed from the mouth of this emcee. Seen opening for Cam'ron and the Diplomats at the Puerto Rican Day Parade after party at Webster Hall in New York City and at open mic events like Maria Davis' Mad Wednesdays/ Midnight Monday's (where he is a favorite), or Nell's Nightclub in Manhattan, Stimuli has the ability to bring a crowd to their feet regardless of whether he is opening or closing the show. "When I go on stage I like to rip it with accapella freestyle," Stimuli proclaims, "it always makes me realize how important my gift is when I see the response from people."

    An important gift it is, Stimuli's music has since made its way around the coveted mixtape tape circuit on CDs by notable DJ's like DJ Absolut, DJ Boom, DJ Sickamore, and DJ Watts, among others. He has even put out his own full-length mixtape called "Let Me Show You The Way" that has been extremely well received by the streets. Ready to move on to the next tier in this hip-hop game, Stimuli has only one mission: "I just want to provoke thought and emotion through my artistry." Prepare for the truth coming straight out of Brooklyn's Underworld Music!


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    There's a track called Glory in the link that is so crazy that I garantee if you can recite it ,your IQ will jump a minimum of 5 ponits. his name aint Stimuli for nothing. Talk to me!


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    So what's the word?

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    lol, no one likes newcomers that they aint heard of before i made 2 threads like this for Chan and Reks.. no love

    im busy atm, ill check em out later...

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    You aint kiddin man....no love

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    i'm gonna see what this dude has...

    Weakness - The fundemental aspect in all of human existance.

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    Y'all truly don't deserve this but here is a new 730 mixtape hosted by Stimuli: http://rapidshare.de/files/2850601/7...muli_.zip.html

    Here's the tracklisting:

    01 730 intro
    02 stimuli – freestyle
    03 joell ortiz – 125 grams
    04 pumpkinhead – freestyle
    05 diabolic – freestyle
    06 poison pen – staircase music
    07 shinobi – 730 (prod. by simon vegas)
    08 raekwon and ill bill – enemy
    09 royal flush feat. m.o.p – worldwide pt. 2
    10 killah priest – exclusive
    11 grafh – that 40 real
    12 stimuli – freestyle
    13 tru life – like a cycle
    14 reef da lost cauze – hip hop disciples freestyle
    15 diplomats – dipset symphony
    16 godwon – hip hop disciples freestyle
    17 ill bill and necro – reflection of man
    18 stimuli – freestyle (throwback)
    19 nas – my will
    20 az – the come up (prod. by dj premier)
    21 akir – callin'
    22 sean price – u don't wanna
    23 buckshot feat. sean price and phonte – wonderin'
    24 agallah – triumphant
    25 un – behind the music
    26 ecks – the game won't wait
    27 stimuli – summer freestyle
    28 stimuli – sun don't shine (throwback)
    730 contact – seven3zero@gmail.com

    Some feedback would be nice motherfuckers!

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    well good thing you didnt upload on yousendit cuz at least when people do come around the link wont be dead.
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