These 2 songs are so hard to me. Ah Yeah song is on Pump Ya Fist soundtrack for Panther movie about the black panthers. I don't like the version on his self titled album that came out in 95. The beat is the same but the music is kinda different. Perhaps She'll Die song is on Dangerous Ground soundtrack. Dangerous Ground starred Ice Cube and Ving Rhames. Perhaps She'll Die has a hard beat. I wonder who produced it. People slept on KRS One's Kristyles album. I love that album especially the songs Ya Feel Dat, Somebody, What Else Happened, Underground, Gunnen Em Down, Alright With Me. Whenever i hear his Ova Here song from Prophets Vs. Profits album, i be nodding my head. That beat is so hard. I Got Next album sucked to me but Step Into A World song is the shit. I hope his next album Life is good because his last album Keep Right sucked.