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Thread: Wu-Tang Fan Or Fanatic

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    A hardcore Wu Fan.....

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    theres not alot of artists and groups i can fuck with besides wu. everything that has been released non-wu in the last few years has been garbage and im sick of it. ive tried to expand my horizons and listen to shit i never would have b4 like necro and sean price and all that shit and i just cant do it. ive never liked the rap/poppy/bubbly shit never will. i dont even like goin to clubs cuz they play junk. the only albums i rock other than the clan is memphis bleek 534 (imo great album no one else thinks so) and royce da 5'9 independents day,M.I.C, strictly east coast midwest, might be a coincidence cuz thats where from but shit, cant stand south shit no more and lets face it west has nothing. everytime i get pissed off at the garbage albums that been comin out i waste my money on i throw in1 of the 50+ wu and affiliate albums i gots. im feelin ghost so hard right now theodore unit, pretty toney , pretty toney b-sides gets played in my stereo every day no lie, fuck i have Ghostface-Guerrila Hood as my mp3 ringtone and its grimy. u cant find alotta wu ringtones besides the joints that were high on the charts so i make my own and i love it. this might not fit the criteria of what youre askin for but i wanted to ramble on a bit. u can bet youre life imma check news on wu everyday jus waitin for somethin, i go to work and go about my day but the W is in the back of my mind and will be till im old and grey. thank you wu-tang clan!

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    I own Wu shirts, 25 albums, drove 18 hours across the border, 700$ fine for Weed by accident, met them, Gave INS my last Cigarrette, and heard huey go "Killlllah" at the vip party to Masta while i was drinking Their Liquor and seshed with Genius...

    i'm just a fan though, but i've done the same thing for SLAYER

    they know how to say words over good music that is just impossible to not notice...very little else comes close to Wu-tang as far as hip-hop goes...if anything at all

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    i gotta say im abit of a fanatic cos 70% of the music i listen to is wu. i got like 250 posts on a wu tang site (this one) an i want a wu tattoo an i always talk about wu to my mates (who dont even like hip hop haha)

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