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Thread: Nintendo Wii !!! Wu-Tang 2 comebacks

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheCRZA
    absolutely rediculous. are you 12 years old?

    nintendo has always directed their systems and games to a younger audience than the others.

    regardless of price; the ps3 is gonna beat the fuck out of the 360 and nintendo in both system capabilities and games. especially in the long run (they'll probably have 10 times better sales).

    . . . oh right . . . Wu-Tang forever!
    Thats so true, thats why the PSP games are killing the DS


    Dude, seriously Nintendo may seem to aim at little kids, but lets be honest. Who here has gotten all the blue coins in mario sunshine? Finished all the maps in Wind Waker? Finished Pikmin 2?

    Now who finished everything in GTA3-San Andreas besides everyone? Finished God of War in less than a week? Finished MGS3? Halo2?

    The point Im making is that yeah they seem kiddy, but no one can deny that Nintendo makes more difficult and challenging games than Microsoft and Sony. So, stop it right now, plus the DS is killing the PSP right now with games. The only shit game wise Ill play on my PSP is Syphon Filter, and thats it.

    So, everybody stop hating on Nintendo. They make hot games, and everybody knows it.

    One more thing, PSP is straight port from the PS2, and the games are not even as good as the PS2, thats sad.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mizzywoe
    "ps3 owns" too bad you can't own p$3 haha
    wow your so funny lol

    once ps3 is out I am definately copping that shit though

    nintendo fell off face it, if they were smart they would have some darker games and better hardware so they could at least tie with xbox, ps3 is fucking up all competition, once it is out, only suckers will buy x box (it'll only have halo and even that is shit, unreal is so much better) and nintendo will be for the little kids.

    ps3 is the ultimate videogame system, mgs4 alone will rip the other 2 systems main games a new asshole, not to mention what grand theft is going to probably do on ps3, and the best racing sim ever? GT is going to take it to another level yet again

    also RPG anyone? FF, I dont play them, but a hell of people devote their lives to it

    what the HELL is any piece of shit system going to DO compared to PS3? nothing, the only company which WOULD have had a chance was sega, but they blew it with dreamcrap

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